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  1. KnightWill2

    Discussion Team Vitality reveal new CS:GO roster!

    Just hours after G2 Esports announced that they had released both Nathan ‘NbK’ Schmitt and Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire from their CS:GO roster, Vitality made a huge revelation detailing their new lineup. Joining NbK and Apex will be fellow Frenchman Vincent ‘Happy’ Cervoni, Cédric ‘RpK’ Guipouy, and...
  2. KnightWill2

    News 'Quad Launcher' Rockets will be added this week to Fortnite

    This is a weapon we've known about for a long, long time, but it finally seems to be making its way into Fortnite: Battle Royale. The Quad Launcher is coming soon, according to an in-game notification, and it looks like quite the beast: a big shoulder-mounted rocket launcher with four tubes and...
  3. KnightWill2

    News First New Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Skin Revealed!

    Spider Widowmaker With just one day left for the Halloween Terror 2018 event to go live, the developers are here with a brand new skin for Widowmaker, one which turns her into a spider. Check out the skin below for more details:
  4. KnightWill2


    PVP Esports Championship came to a conclusion on Sunday and it was a day full of surprises. The event which ran over three days witnessed jam-packed venues and exciting action. The main attraction of the event DOTA 2 was, true to its style, full of surprises. Team Secret from Singapore who...
  5. KnightWill2

    News [ALL] Fortnite’s new LTM is Groovy AF

    Epic is doing fine man! The game modes are usually fun with a hiccup here n there!
  6. KnightWill2

    News Corrupted Dark Bomber Skin, Now Live In The Store

    It’s rare that Fortnite can surprise anyone with skin releases these days, but somehow Epic managed to hide the new Dark Bomber skins from recent leaks, which revealed the mining tool and glider for the skin, but not the outfit itself, showing only the male and female scarecrow skins. But...
  7. KnightWill2

    News First New Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Skin Revealed!

    New Skin Banshee Moira : On October 4, Blizzard released its second Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 event which introduces a new, terrifying skin for one of the newest heroes in the game, Moira. Check out the skin down below: Official Tweet:
  8. KnightWill2

    News First New Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Skin Revealed!

    Blizzard has announced the first new Overwatch Legendary skin that players will be able to earn in 2018's Halloween Terror event. This year, Doomfist is getting a new holiday-themed skin that transforms him into a Swamp Monster. The new Legendary skin gives Doomfist a scaly blue complexion, as...
  9. KnightWill2

    News PUBG Update #22: PC Server down

    Bluehole Inc. has released the latest news concerning their plans to take PUBG servers down today. Scheduled maintenance is set to commence shortly and will mean many PC players will be unable to access live games. This is being done as part of the release of PUBG PC update #22, which includes a...
  10. KnightWill2

    News Fortnite V6.01 : Cool traps update [PATCH NOTES and more]

    A ‘cool’ trap debuts in Battle Royale and pummel those Husks with a new weapon in Save the World. Chiller (Battle Royale) Don't get cold feet! Freeze your foes and slide around for a quick getaway. LIMITED TIME MODE: PLAYGROUND Playground Custom Options Added more options to Playground...
  11. KnightWill2

    News Overwatch’s Halloween Event Dates!

    So I guess Blizzard has official announced the Halloween Terror event dates. The season of candy and witches returns to Overwatch on October 9. Blizzard Entertainment announced today that the Halloween Terror event will return on that date, and it will run on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC...
  12. KnightWill2

    News [ALL] Fortnite’s new LTM is Groovy AF

    Epic Games is always looking to increase the variety of Fortnite’s limited-time game modes. From giant 50 vs 50 conflicts to matches that require you to do things other than be the last player standing, there’s no shortage of strange new ways to play Fortnite in these modes. Still, this week’s...
  13. KnightWill2

    News PUBG Xbox One UPDATE: Bluehole details the changes coming to PUBG in October, November and beyond.

    PUBG developer Bluehole has revealed patch notes for its October updates on Xbox One. Battlegrounds will receive two major updates in October, followed by a content update in November. But before then, Bluehole will release a new Xbox One hotfix on October 1.According to Bluehole, the hotfix...
  14. KnightWill2

    News Fortnite's Floating Island is on the move!

    The mysterious island floating above Loot Lake in Fortnite has started moving, though to exactly what end remains unclear. For those that haven't been keeping up with the latest happenings in Fortnite, a strange purple cube appeared in the game and plunged itself into Loot Lake just before the...
  15. KnightWill2


    PUBG players on PC can now enjoy region-locked, custom-server matchmaking via FACEIT . Following a successful beta in August, everyone can get a taste of what it feels like to play a tournament-level battle royale match. The news was announced via an official PUBG Corporation blog post Thursday...
  16. KnightWill2

    News Season 6 leak suggest "Freeze Traps" are coming to BR

    The new leak comes from master dataminer (FNBRleak), and suggest that a Save the World item is migrating over to the Battle Royale half of the game. Freeze Traps, an item that “Hits all enemies on trap when triggered doing small damage and slowing players." Fortnite has been painfully short on...
  17. KnightWill2

    News Season 6 Physics Issue; Epic Calls It ‘Embarrassing’

    The sixth season of Fortnite arrived this morning and brought with it Halloween-ready additions to the map, new pets, and a short-lived animation that drew attention for all the wrong reasons. The disturbingly unnatural boob physics seen below have since been disabled, and Fortnitedevelopers are...
  18. KnightWill2

    Discussion Riot Games Suspends Player From Two World Championship Matches

    Riot Games published an official competitive ruling for League of Legends player Shern "Shernfire" Tai after he was flagged for repetitive negative behavior and culturally insensitive language. Dire Wolves player Shernfire received a two-game suspension at the League of Legends World...
  19. KnightWill2

    News Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 is here! [Details + Patch notes]

    Season 6 arrives in Battle Royale and brings new goodies with it! Uncover what’s in the new Battle Pass, explore an updated island with Pets, and become one with the shadows with a new consumable. Join in on the Cram Session mini-event in Save the World and learn more about a new enemy that has...
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