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  1. Butler22

    Discussion How long have you played league

    Started this season. I started directly on a level 30 though. I had a rough learning start but I believe that it helped me in the long run (minus my mental health cause I raged a lot.)
  2. Butler22

    Discussion Creative names

    Mine is "lm so High"
  3. Butler22

    Dying Light Item Duplication Glitch (Up To x999999 Stacks)

    Yeah I was misunderstanding the concept of the glitch. I got it down though lol. It definitely makes looting rather pointless :p Do it at own discretion.P.s. on xbox my stacks only go to 99. is this wrong?
  4. Butler22

    Xbox One Trading Items l Dying Light

    Any chance youd be willing to give me one of those weapons from the kindness of your heart :)
  5. Butler22

    Dying Light Item Duplication Glitch (Up To x999999 Stacks)

    Yeah Idk if it's not working or what. I followed instruction pretty carefully.
  6. Butler22

    All 50 Pence's Dying Light Weapons & Items Shop (Now with Gold Weapons)

    If anyone would like to trade me a good weapon i wouldnt mind :) GT is classy vanity
  7. Butler22

    Discussion Xbox One Dashboard Preview Program Invite/Request Thread

    Classy Vanity It would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Butler22


    Classy vanity
  9. Butler22

    Xbox One Objective Team

    Id like to get a team going and rack up some wins. Send me an invite or message me and ill invite you. Gamertag is - Classy Vanity Please don't message me if you have a short temper. Im just looking for some good players that want to win and play the objective, don't rage hardcore, and guys...
  10. Butler22

    Advanced Warfare "Add Me" Thread

    Classy Vanity. Xbone I like to play the objective and win. Pubstomp or ranked.
  11. Butler22

    Discussion Looking to buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Early? Look here!

    Anybody know of a place in good ole' Wisconsin by chance? Edit: Preferably in the Central area :)
  12. Butler22

    Solved Any Adjustments ? So my uncle is a programmer / hacker PC guru and he put together this computer for me. He has finally convinced me that a 600 dollar PC easily surpasses consoles and I was absolutely stunned when I saw the graphics of BF4 on pc. I was just wondering if there are...
  13. Butler22

    XeX Velo IS BACK and HOST a FREE MW2 iKonroi v5 Mod Menü Lobby JOIN JOIN JOIN

    are you still hosting? It says your at the dashboard
  14. Butler22

    Hosting Challenge Lobby on XBOX [UNLOCK ALL] [10th]

    can we join sesh or are you inv only?
  15. Butler22

    Hosting Challenge Lobby on XBOX [UNLOCK ALL] [10th]

    did you start yet or no?
  16. Butler22

    Hosting Challenge Lobby on XBOX [UNLOCK ALL] [10th]

    Hey I can live stream for you
  17. Butler22


    Hey you need a livestreamer?
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