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  1. ajg007

    Solved Xk3y issue

    I just tried this and the xbox360 works fine. Also put the xk3y back in and trid a game through pass through mode - that works too! Just xkey mode does not work!
  2. ajg007

    Solved Xk3y issue

    Not sure if i can bump this? Can anyone help with this. I dont mind if its the conclusion that the xk3y is faulty in their opinion, just give me some ideas to checkout! Must be some experts on xk3ys on this knowledgeable forum? I'm not really prepared to pay another £70 for another...
  3. ajg007

    Solved Xk3y issue

    Yes, its been working well for a year-year and a half.
  4. ajg007

    Solved  Xk3y issue

    I went to try my 360 today and load a game but nothing happened. Tried various things then decided to open up the 360 to check all connections but found nothing wrong The 360 does allow me to use passthrough when i switch on using eject. when i plug hdd into fcc/usb dongle the hdd light...
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