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    Solved Liteon Flashing Help

    Yep, playing backups again with the pre 1314 phat liteon firmware. Dont care about unflagging, I never use xbl. Question: Do I have to revert to original firmware before the dashboard update? I dont care about bans and xbox live. Do I just update the dash, then flash to post 13141 fw 1.9???
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    Solved Liteon Flashing Help

    Its ok. I fixed it Worked with the previous version of jungle flasher. OK, I flashed it to Liteon phat Pre 13141 OFW. Now where do I download the dashboard update from? I dont go on live anymore, since after trying to run Assasins Creed Brotherhood, my xbox is flagged for a ban
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    Solved  Liteon Flashing Help

    Hi everyone :) I have been referred to this forum by a friend, hopefully you guys can help ;) I have a phat xbox360 with liteon drive I have used jungleflasher to dump my dummy bin and erase, but when trying to write, it stops at writing bank 0 Jungle flasher is still stable, it just doesnt...
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