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  1. jiantJEFF

    Mod Menu L33T FR33Z MENU (RELEASE)

    Don't forget to add ghost detector and freeze radius
  2. jiantJEFF

    Solved Connection Issues

    I'm using a hotspot to play from my iphone, TetherMe Cydia tweak.. and it works decent for bf4 and everything else I have no problems. I have the unlimited data plan too
  3. jiantJEFF

    Jailbreak Jailbroken iDevice Showoff Thread

    iPhone 6+, 9.3.3 pangu semi jailbreak This is what my device looks like as of lately. Still looking for a better lock screen though to fit the black and red theme. OPW 10, really cool, I have everything on one page now. I'll probably keep it like this for a little bit.
  4. jiantJEFF

    Solved I need Help With Xkey modding

    It's super easy just get your GTA Iso put it in your games folder in your hdd and mod that file using Xbox image browser
  5. jiantJEFF

    Solved Any fix?

    Thanks I finally got it after a lil bit of YouTube, basically exactly what you said but with visuals.
  6. jiantJEFF

    1. iOS
    Any fix?

    So I updated hotdog just a lil bit ago and I didn't like the size of the font for my date and Time in LS so I changed it to about 2000 x600, and respring, now it just loops at boot logo even when I rejailbreak. Any ideas on how to fix.
  7. jiantJEFF

    Discussion Did the beta help make your mind up?

    Not to sure, if preordering is what I'm gunna do, I may just share acoounts with my brother and let him buy it or wait till it comes out and rent it to see if I like it enough to buy it myself. I was kinda disappointed, I like to fly the helicopter in bf4 and kill from above but all that I was...
  8. jiantJEFF

    Game Mods [XBOX-PS3] (v8.0) Nathan's Protection & Personal Utilities [12/04/2020]

    I could do it but I might leak it. Lol Jk I quit playing 360. Good luck tho
  9. jiantJEFF

    Unsolved Cain and abel

    I swear you had to be wired for Cain to work Try LANC that might bring different results. But I'm not sure I haven't used either in a good amount of time, maybe something better came out
  10. jiantJEFF

    Discussion Your thoughts on the Xbox Enforcement Team and Communication Bans?

    I think it sucks lol, I've gotten 5 account bans and 3 console My first ban was received, because a lil kid had sent me a message with his XBL email and password, saying someone was trying to hack him and he wanted me to try and stop him somehow. ( also sent out to multiple others) never did...
  11. jiantJEFF

    Solved Pangu problem

    Thanks, I thought I had to restore, rejailbreak, then install everything I had
  12. jiantJEFF

    1. iOS
    Pangu problem

    My phone died and now when I go to to verify, the name flashes and it still says verify. Is there a way I can fix this without losing all my tweaks and stuff
  13. jiantJEFF

    BCD missing

    i had tried this using rufus and didnt get any results, when trying to repair the pc it said the drive was locked and also i may have deleted all the files on my pc, including windows
  14. jiantJEFF

    BCD missing

    Not sure what happened, a buddy of mine was messing with the pic now this screen is showing
  15. jiantJEFF

    BCD missing

    I'm currently downloading a ISo for Windows 8 I don't need it to activate the computer but to repair it. How would I go about putting that in a usb
  16. jiantJEFF

    BCD missing

    So my Pc died mid movie, and I go plug it in and restart it and I get Windows 8, "Missing File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034" I don't have a DVD for Windows 8, or usb because it all came pre installed. Is there any way to fix this and keep my files?
  17. jiantJEFF

    Unsolved iPhone 5s

    Yea she still has the receipts and all, she had to take her tablet over to AT&T for the same reason. And yea my brother knows it but he didn't leave by choice, and won't give up the passcode or password
  18. jiantJEFF

    1. iOS
    iPhone 5s

    My brother locked a iPhone and he has moved to another state my mom has pictures, and videos on that phone and wants me to unlock it is there anyway to go about unlocking this. Ps. Luckily I was able to recover her things on another phone through iCloud. But this is on my backup phone and I...
  19. jiantJEFF

    Solved Cydia error

    Yes it is and all sources are working properly, also no more errors in cydia
  20. jiantJEFF

    Solved Cydia error

    alright I got it to work, now all the apps from cydia are gone and I am now currently on 9.3.3, thank for all the help man, much appreciated,
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