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    You need to change your screen resolution. From what I understand, it seems like your 'view' is zoomed in more than what you see on, say, YouTube. From the dashboard, go to my xbox => all the way to the right you will see the settings => screen and finally resolution. Set the resolution to...
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    Fooky and Achilles Partnership boosting

    Was there every any question? :) :D B) These guys are as legit as they come.
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    looking for lonewolfs

    I sent you both F/R. I am exp banned until Sunday, so let's try to get 50's before then and we can just boost ranked exp on them :)
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    I Can Standby

    I would like to contribute to this thread in any way that I can. Thanks to everyone.
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    PlaylistPros Boosting :D

    Dear Judge, I would like to sue PlaylistPros from the forum Here is his anonymous hotmail account. Love, Squaghetti I don't think that will work. You could boost pro bono to get a rep.
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    46 to 50

    if you let boris set it up, then you can have a 50 in mlg... Boosted dubs 50s are for bks.... enough said
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    46 to 50

    can you standby
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    Wanna learn how to standby?

    wow... some people have no scruples... phd, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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    'NavySealSnipa 9' Is LEGIT!!

    He should thank you for the advertisement... complete with prices and links... wow Ride that **** a little more
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    Alright I can't believe im saying this. Who wants to play Halo?

    LMFAO, that was exactly what I thought when I saw his GT. Except it was in TB. Actually, you didn't get standby'd.
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    Need 7 For Mythic Brawl Boost

    I will be studying until about 4pm est. But, I'm a 42. I would prefer the 3 games, 1 legit approach. I would also rather use ZA instead of language, but some people just cant seem to figure that out, so we might just have to do language instead. GT: sQaghetti I think my f/l is full, so...
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    [H3 Boost] Legendary's Boosting Services

    Re: Legendary's Boosting Services wow, this forum desperately needs a moderator... disregard for the rules has gotten out of control.
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    Re: OMFG ROCKET RACE Nah... if you just do the offline glitch in Twi7ted's tutorial and don't have any guests and don't kill or boost anything besides exp, you will be fine. Just race and tie, race and tie, race and tie... over and over and over and over for hours and hours and hours and...
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    Re: OMFG ROCKET RACE or 5 people, 8 accounts... if you invite your old buddy, Sqaghetti, to the party :thumbup:
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    [H3 Standby] Need Team Doubles Bridger

    Re: Need Team Doubles Bridger lol, nice GT mello.
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    [H3 Boost] Need Snipers / Swat Boosters

    Re: Need Snipers / Swat Boosters I will get on my snipes booster tonight and we can play. I will message you the GT when I get online (if I post it here, I'm guaranteed a dozen or more random f/r) lol.
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    [H3 Boost] Exp Boosting?

    Re: Exp Boosting? get a team of decent people and play social... almost guaranteed wins. 30-40 exp in only a few hours Also, play double exp. There's rumors of either ranked double exp or RR this weekend. :w00t:
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    [H3 Boost] Living Dead

    Re: Living Dead nah, you will get banned if no one scores. Everyone needs to be there, and be committed to doing each game as quickly as possible, not ****ing around like a bunch of kids. Then everyone runs to the middle of the map so whoever is infected can kill them as quickly as possible...
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    i can stanyby

    Yeah, I just had some random tell me that I suck at bridging because that happened... when I know that the standbyer is either hostbanned now or will be very very soon from abusing it as much as he can today. Nubs :cursing:
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    [H3 Boost] Need some1 to pull IPs!

    Re: Need some1 to pull IPs! Thanks for having the manners to say thanks. Most people are so curt these days... Fox...
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