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  1. puniisher 505

    Discussion What happened to the Survival Horror genre?

    I miss it too, I remember being too afraid to even finish some games back then. Dead Space has been the only thing in recent time that had that feel somewhat. I think it has to do with everyone being in love with FPSes. Games have sadly changed from being fun to just trying to get you to commit...
  2. puniisher 505

    Discussion I got Daedric Armor!

    Theres a vein on the throat of the world, but buying them is A LOT easier, you dont have to kill npcs either just wait 48 hours and their inventory restocks.
  3. puniisher 505

    Discussion Battlefield - A War Simulation Or a Game of Chess?

    It's a game within a game and depending on your view on the purpose of life within another game.
  4. puniisher 505

    Discussion Question About Upgrading Weapons

    The sword would be 1230, the menus have a glitch where stats over 999 don't show anything but the last 3 numbers.
  5. puniisher 505

    Discussion How do you troll BF3?

    Spawning in helicopters/jets at the beginning of games and throwing the people who spawned on top of you into the water (wake island/gulf of oman/ kharg island/noshahr), getting in the AA gun and destroying your teams vehicles before they can get in them.
  6. puniisher 505

    Amazing tank shot!

    I've taken out roughly 200 helicopters with tanks in BF3 and BC2 combined and that shot was impressive even to me. Yesterday I shot down 5 in one game of Noshahr Conquest, it's a shame that it gets disabled and not destroyed though.
  7. puniisher 505

    Discussion Skyrim/WinRAR question.

    If you already have the .iso file you don't extract it from winrar. Either burn it to a disc or mount it with a program like DaemonTools.
  8. puniisher 505

    Discussion Driving and crashing

    Watch a few tutorials on youtube or try out the campaign missions. It takes practice but eventually it gets easy. Helicopters are a lot easier than jets also.
  9. puniisher 505

    Discussion Tell me, Sinners...

    Counter mortar... shoot a mortar directly on top of someone spamming mortars and they die in one hit.
  10. puniisher 505

    can you get banned for boosting in this game?

    They won't ban you but if you go over 1000 score per minute they reset you.
  11. puniisher 505

    Discussion Tell me, Sinners...

    Not broken, just requires better timing. For instance, when you hear yourself getting locked on and you are 100% sure they are going to be succesful at it, pop flares at the last few beeps (the locking on beeps not the quick beeps to tell you a missle is chasing you.) If you do it right they...
  12. puniisher 505

    Discussion Ranking up recon fast(er)?

    Get the MAV, crash it into people, get high killstreaks and tons of surveillance and motion assists.
  13. puniisher 505

    Discussion Better Since the Beta? Change Your Appearance?

    Ranks go to 1-45(10000-60000exp per rank) and then it resets and it goes from Colonel 0-100 (230000 exp per rank)
  14. puniisher 505


    You do know xbox will always get patches later due to microsofts certification phase right? The patch isn't different per console it gets ported over really fast, PC requires no certification, PS3 takes 2-3 days, and xbox takes up to 5 days- 2 weeks.
  15. puniisher 505

    Discussion Why are there Many Flaws in the BF3 Beta?

    People like to think that Beta test means "play the game early", I have to explain this to 2-3 people a match.
  16. puniisher 505

    Discussion What do you like to listen to while playing Black Ops?

    Decapitated Death Mac Miller Kid Cudi Tech N9ne Immortal Technique Skeletonwitch Whitechapel Slayer Behemoth As Blood Runs Black Dying Fetus Born of Osiris Hatebreed Sepultura Opeth Yelawolf Generally it's just a mix of different metal genres and rap/hip-hop, occasionally I listen to some...
  17. puniisher 505

    Discussion MW3 should have more gore

    Even if it isn't full on World at War gore I would be really happy if the blood effects were decent i.e blood hits wall and splatters runs down a little, get shot and leave a trail of blood or something. I dunno just an idea
  18. puniisher 505

    how to get map pack 3 usb?

    The only way it works now is if someone buys it on a silver account and uploads it. Once that silver account is banned then it becomes useless, so you can see if someone uploads it and you can play for like a day or two.
  19. puniisher 505

    Pro perks

    No, the only methods were patched early on when the game came out.
  20. puniisher 505

    Discussion a way to txt/call on a cancled phone?

    Try connecting to wifi and emailing the number you want to text, I may be mistaken but tmobile is and att is Im not 100% sure but if you research and expand on my information you should find something.
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