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    Discussion Why Battlefield 3 is better than MW3

    llegallynamed let me guess why you say fanboy a lot is it some how related to your own problems cause it seems that all you can say i am guessing fanboy is a term related to your own personality and problems and that is why you cant admit bf3 is better than cod your too easy to read bro and if...
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    Discussion Why Battlefield 3 is better than MW3

    i agree tigerblood this is only a fraction if that of the game play we will witness in bf3 just face it bro cod gone to shat now they wont do anything to change the game play cause there either to greedy or scared to change the engine and try to make cod better and btw iw cares about the...
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    Discussion Battlefield 3 Haters...

    i for one love the beta i haven't notice very many bugs besides the prone ability and how you can sometimes find wall breaches with it but you got to understand they haven't ever had this ability that i have know of the game is beautiful the game play and the animation remind me of counter...
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    Discussion Wanting To Be A GM!

    your wanting to become a gm yet your claiming your a hacker not the smartest move you ever done now is it xP next time you both should be a little nicer i swear sometimes when i am on the internet i think everyone are immature little kids that haves anger issue that need to tend to anger...
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    moresby city wall breaches

    yeah some doors work i hoped i helped :) sorry if it is not to clear
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    moresby city wall breaches

    so i know this is like my first time contributing to the forums but i found some wall breaches i am going to try to explain them sorry i don't have a video recorder or anything if someone wants to video it for me i will be sure to give them some credit i don't if anyone found out about this or...
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    Discussion What do you like to listen to while playing Black Ops?

    well currently i been listening to red hot chilly peppers scar tissue,cant stop,snow. some times i listen to disturbed under the flood white stripes disturbed slipknot godsmack mudvayne hell yeah divine heresy NWA brotha lynch hung rest in pis$ p.o.d system of a down Hollywood undead ill nino...
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    Discussion Call of Duty: Elite - Beta Invites

    hello my email is [email protected] tyvm for reading. trying to keep this professional so yeah i don't think i have nothing more to say x)
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    Discussion Intervention is gone..

    ok let me start off by answering ibraninjavic no i do not use any of these .!,: to me i don't care about it is pointless for me to waste effort cause people don't read post or comments anyways i think and to the guy that said that semis are not for noobs i can agree with you when there a ton...
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    Discussion Intervention is gone..

    man i hope there are more bolt action than semis tried of all the semi noobs x) use the bolt action it takes more skill but most person want faster shooting cause they miss a lot instead of being accurate to me i use a bolt just because i want to be more accurate i love to challenge myself but...
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    Discussion What first perk do you prefer?

    ghost for me cause i like the bigger maps and i love to use the l96A1 it is very helpful when 10 year old kids don't know your position array is probably the most useful. jungles alright but i usually just rush there but i love to snipe just because makes me feel more like an assassin cause they...
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    Discussion Single shot weapons..

    i would be glade if they don't add those crap weapon that are so called assault rifles there pathetic like the fal for crying out load the gun was an absolute fail single shot and took like 2 shots to kill someone by the time you shot him your already dead by a ump45 that took 4 shots or so 2 in...
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    Discussion Deathstreak

    i think it fair keeps the game a little more fair and i think thats a awesome deahtstreak for one reason campers we all hate the little 12 year old kids that just camp it seems as if they don't know how to use the analog stick it makes me wonder if they ever played the campaign :P well that why...
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    Discussion MW3 Juggernaut Suit Gameplay

    well if this is true i will definitely not waste 60$ on this game sounds BS i will wait till it goes down to at least 20$ not worth a preorder. that just goes to show you how iw doesn't give a fack about the community if they did they would remove that crap like in black ops but oh well i will...
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    Dead island or skyrim?

    is this even a choice? Skyrim will dominate dead islands Skyrim will last about 300hours + probably just for the maps and to go everywhere not to mention side quest trying to find every weapon + secrets i just hope Skyrim will be more like morrowind than oblivion oblivion graphics where superior...
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    Discussion Black Ops 2 vs World at War 2

    i honestly like treyarch better than iw [email protected]$$ i think treyarch was smart they would make a waw 2 saying how waw is an awesome game just it got ruined by the hackers i still play it and kick the hackers azzes it funny going 30/5 when theres a guy with god mode and constantly calling in dogs not...
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    Patched  dragonuv glitch

    first off i am sorry for if this have been posted and it wont let me post this in black ops glitches for some weird reason, i dont know if it is even a glitch but i am talking to much aging so lets start off by saying you need a 2nd controller to do this for the 2nd scope 1. make sure you have...
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    Discussion xbox live account messed up

    well since i put in halo 3 it wants me to renew my live account yet it wont let me i try to pay and when i try to go to forums or manage credit cards that way i can pay on xbox live homepage it says i encountered a glitched in the system i forgot the name of the error but what makes me wonder...
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    Discussion  xbox live account messed up

    hello all i cant go to xbox live forums and my account needs renewal yet i have gold membership it happened to me when trying to play halo 3 like 20mins ago i get alot of errors on xbox live homepage and everything so what i am trying to figure out is xbox live hacked now is any1 else having...
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    Discussion [DLC 3] Annihilation MP Preview

    maps look beastly i think silo or hazard would be for me silo i think looks cool i wonder if you can go into that building or whatever in the back ground probably but yeah they all look good i hope there bigger than the last map pack maps love the big maps :)
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