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    Working DMO Lite New Workaround

    Did DMO again today after a long time. I also had to set my MTU higher to 905. So far so good. I only have the problem if I have dropped the first car and wait in the trailer message, my friend cannot join in my lobby. He keep getting the message that I'm not in the lobby, so he can't join me...
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    Discussion  DMO lite on next gen possible?

    Hello everybody, is there anything new about DMO Lite for the GTA5 Next Gen? Or is this still not possible?
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    Working DMO Lite New Workaround

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but after I switch on the controller again, the alert comes up that should actually disappear, but after a while you can hear Trevor spawning in the background and the alert is still there. And when he has spawned, only then does the message disappear and at...
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    Solved Chameleon paint jobs file save.

    Would you like to send me that file? 😊
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