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    Help with overwriting variables - Java

    I am trying to overwrite these variables that I set, but the class just keeps the same variables in place. My tester is passing the right variables to it, but the method in the class isn't recognizing it, or the class itself isn't setting it. I'm not sure. If anyone can help me with this...
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    Solved Help flashing LT Drive

    Thanks a lot my friend
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    Solved  Help flashing LT Drive

    I am currently trying to flash my LT drive, but I am not sure which CFW to use from the iXT FW pack. The Model No. is DG-16D2S-09C FWVer. is 93450C HWVer. is A0A2 MFD: September, 2009 If someone can just tell me which FW to use out of the list they have I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Discussion Deleting recovs

    Doesnt work anymore
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    Unsolved Need help with effigies.

    99 craft here... do i have to be members?
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    Unsolved 40-61 Crafting?

    i have 99 crafting, took about 1 week and a half. im only f2p. bought gold bars made gold amulets (u). Did that about 500k times, and earned myself about 10m profit.
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    Discussion Money making

    I used to merch whips back in '06 but the principle is basically the same. Either buy a high price item for low and sell it for high, rinse and repeat. or Buy low price items in quantity for low, and sell them for high...ect
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    Unsolved 680m?

    Give me 30m and merch the rest. With that amount of money, you can merch 2 ways, buying high levels items such as a santa and merching that. Or buying lrge quantites of common items and merching those.
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    Discussion I Hate Jagex

    im sorry, i lol'ed
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    Unsolved Price Check on lv.3 Skiller?

    :D thanks guys, looks like all my botting payed off :)
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    Unsolved Price Check on lv.3 Skiller?

    I always thought the fact that its level 3 would make it worth more. you can build it how you want. pure 99 hp 99 range 10 hp or a zerker or pure mage and the skills make it extreamly easy to make money to level you cb.
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    Unsolved  Price Check on lv.3 Skiller?

    I'm wondering how much this is worth so far? I'm still planning on getting 99 smithing, 99 fletching, 99 thieving, 99 agility, and 90 Runecrafting. I was looking for around 150$ for the account.
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    Discussion Runescape Phishing Scam

    ummm. I think thats legit lol :)
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    Discussion [Official] Show off thread

    Bought gold bars, made gold amulets + 30m profit
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    Discussion [Official] Show off thread

    I have yet to see anyone with 99 crafting. Honestly i'm F2P and 99 crafting is quicker than 99 fishing.
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    Discussion 50-69

    it would take around 1 hour - 2 hours per round at round 68-69
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    Discussion Post Your Call of Duty Black Ops Emblems

    Is there some sort of emblem creater executable i can use or do I have to download black ops for PC
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    Discussion Are You f***ing Kidding Me...

    Game needs to be fixed
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    Discussion This game is broken

    Definatly not the Internet, nothing changed to affect a dc. And the xbox wouldn't freeze during this when it could of froze while I was killing the at least 750 zombies on wave 49.
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    Discussion This game is broken

    I didn't dc, it told them I did, it frooze for me after the doctor somehow died and then everyone else got dced
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