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  1. snowwhite

    Tutorial How to Mod the Xbox One S Case (Tutorial)

    Thanks guys I kept this one simple as I wanted to make a tutorial for the channel. Next up is a full custom themed Xbox One S, so that will involve so much more work.
  2. snowwhite

    Custom Xbox One S RGB Mod

    Cheers guys if I could get hold of the top shell like I used to with 360 I'd sell these pre made on eBay but can't find a supplier
  3. snowwhite

    Solved  Xbox One S internal SSD??

    OK so I know that we can use the usual USB 3 external SSD drives but is it possible to swap the internal HDD out for an SSD? The reason I ask is I'm buying a larger drive due to the fact I'm running out of space fast.
  4. snowwhite

    Tutorial  How to Mod the Xbox One S Case (Tutorial)

    Little video showing the Xbox One S case mod incase anyone is planning on trying it.
  5. snowwhite

    Xbox One Star Wars Darth Vader Mod

    Is there any risk of having the top off DVD drive thinking about doing this on my Xbox one S mod
  6. snowwhite

    Custom Xbox One S RGB Mod

    [/IMG] [/IMG] So decided to get involved in the modding scene again many of you may remember me from back in JTAG days. Anyway this is the first custom One S and have started a new one that is fully custom and themed that I can't wait to share. Anyway hope you like.
  7. snowwhite

    LED Modded Xbox One Console CASE

    Looks amazing anyone have an idea how to wire LEDs to Xbox one S???
  8. snowwhite

    Unsolved  Xbox One S RGB help

    So I've finally got round to modding my Xbox One S. I have cut the window etc and it's all looking good. I'm just wondering what's the best route to go down for installing some RGB LEDs? Anyone seen a kit or will I just hard wire to power?
  9. snowwhite

    Discussion Rocket League is on the way!

    Definitely looks like a fun game can't see me playing it much but definitely wouldn't mind a go
  10. snowwhite

    Discussion One expensive achievement

    Now that's ludacris
  11. snowwhite

    Discussion Should I get the White X1 from walmart?

    I would just get the cheapest Xbox One you can find as well as an external HDD tbh
  12. snowwhite

    Video  Advanced Warfare Free For All

    This is my second gameplay video let me know what you think. Free For All is one of my favourite game modes as it's all on you.
  13. snowwhite

    Discussion Does K/D Matter?

    I'm around a 2KD I mainly play free for all. Does it matter? I would say yes especially now that we have skill based matchmaking I don't want to be playing stupid noobs plus I like to try better it otherwise the game would be boring
  14. snowwhite

    News What are your thoughts on the new paintball mode in AW

    Keeps the game interesting at this point while awaiting the new DLC definitely helps your aim
  15. snowwhite

    Solved Elgato HD60 vs Avermedia Liver Gamer Portable HD

    im all about the Elgato as well, the software is awesome and the timeline feature is priceless
  16. snowwhite

    Boot camp help

    So here's the dilemma I bought windows 8 and obviously I can only install it on one machine with will be my PC. My question is that can I use a cracked key to install it on my Macbook pro? I want windows on my mac for using Sony vegas on the move. I don't fancy shelling out another 90 quid
  17. snowwhite

    Solved Option help

    Are those older i7 as good as the newer ones?
  18. snowwhite

    Solved  Option help

    So I'm doing a load of video editing in Sony Vegas now and my i3 HP Pavilion linked below takes forever to render 20min videos (about 4 hours [email protected]). So I was going to upgrade my own PC but it seems that I don't have the correct socket for i7 upgrade. I'd my only option to build a new PC...
  19. snowwhite

    Video  My First Game Play Video

    My first attempt at making a gameplay video let me know what you think I'm playing the new One Shot mode and haven't sniped much before.
  20. snowwhite

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 help

    awesome thats it thanks for taking the time I appreciate it
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