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  1. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Tritton Detonator PC Adaption

    This does not work for me. Even when plugging into the microphone jack. My laptop does not have a TRRS jack only TRS.
  2. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Tritton Detonator PC Adaption

    Not sure, It works fine on PC just to tell you, but just can not hook up the headset to microphone and speakers at the same time. The cable would probably work but no guarantees.
  3. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Tritton Detonator PC Adaption

    Sounds like you know just as much as I do at this point... Does anybody understand how to split the microphone and audio channels or however the 3.5mm TRRS jack works into the two jacks for speaker and microphone for use on pc. I know there is something do to it and its definitely possible...
  4. MadLittleMods

    Discussion  Tritton Detonator PC Adaption

    I am planning to get Tritton Detonator and I am wondering what I would need to make it compatible for PC. You can disconnect the headset from the inline adapter to connect to a mp3 player (3.5mm jack) and the headset would of course work as a headphones for pc. But I am wanting to get the...
  5. MadLittleMods

    Need Feedback from PHP developers

    Sorry Sumo, sharing my bits. sprintf() is simple kinda solution for injection but your right.
  6. MadLittleMods

    Need Feedback from PHP developers

    To be honest I am not good with classes and oop in php. I usually just use functions, etc. You can protect yourself from sql injections by using sprintf()
  7. MadLittleMods

    Need Feedback from PHP developers but whatever... I would use single quotes for your echos Your queries should have an or die statement You can split up your html and php with the tag end but i really hate it.
  8. MadLittleMods

    Need Feedback from PHP developers

    Do it
  9. MadLittleMods

    Need Feedback from PHP developers

    Can you just pastebin it?
  10. MadLittleMods

    Discussion This gaming pc for $400?

    That thing is so bad. Only 2 gb's of ram and only a dual core processor. That's horrible especially if you are calling it a gaming pc. That will not run any game nowadays (only on low). I do not have that much knowledge on the card but if it only has 512mb dedicated, I know there is a lot...
  11. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Free MSP

  12. MadLittleMods

    Discussion XP for quiting?

    Thanks for all the replies so far. Anybody got a definitive answer for xbox?
  13. MadLittleMods

    Discussion  XP for quiting?

    Do you get XP that you have already racked up if you quit in the middle of a game?
  14. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Gamestop Pre-orders

    Alright, I guess this thread is more of a gripe on how I didn't get the game today but it just seems odd that Gamestop doesn't offer the release day arrival like Walmart and Best Buy. I will not be getting from them again and hopefully this gives you guys a warning as well.
  15. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Gamestop Pre-orders

    All other pre-order ship to addresses I have done were time sensitive meaning that the postage place closest will get it and then wait to the release day to send it out.
  16. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Gamestop Pre-orders

    Totally agree but I want those little perks. It all costs the same and I do not have to go to pick it up. I haven't had a issue with other per-orders ship to address from Walmart or Bestbuy so I am guessing Gamestop just fails. Thanks for the reply :)
  17. MadLittleMods

    Discussion  Gamestop Pre-orders

    I pre-ordered BF3 on thursday last week from Gamestop (ship to address). Now its 10/25 and my game isn't here :( Its been 6 days and its only in Kentucky and I live in Minnesota. Now I wish I didn't do anything and could go pick it up tonight. Does Gamestop always have bad pre-order shipping...
  18. MadLittleMods

    Discussion If you could change One thing in Reach, what would it be?

    Add the trucks that are in campaign to forge. Also add the boats.
  19. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Anyone here got the old Xbox still?

    I do, Softmodded and all :)
  20. MadLittleMods

    Discussion Where to pre-order BF3

    Thank you so much for explaining your point :)
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