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    Solved GTA V Disc Unreadable

    I'm getting disc unreadable too with disc 1. i have an iHas with modded firmware and using quacks rip. I dunno what's up.
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    Discussion Halo 4 Livestream Thread
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    Discussion  Streaming Forge @ 12:50AM EST
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    Discussion Forge on Halo 4 is worse than Reach

    The leaked copy is the same ****ing game. Don't be stupid.
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    Discussion halo 4 download release.... anytime soon?????????

    Bro have you been living under a rock? Everyone knows. LMAO.
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    Discussion Frank O'Connor talks about skill-based ranking system

    You were ranked locked. You never won consistently at your rank.
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    Discussion Halo 4 Modding, whats the news?

    What they haven't told you is one of the leaked builds contains debugging information, including the tag encryption key. Same as Reach. But you didn't hear that from me.
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    Discussion Halo 4 Modding, whats the news?

    Posted on wrong thread. But who said I haven't posted pics ;)
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    Discussion has the beta been leaked?

    It's been leaked and the funny part is there are two leaks running around. One is the network test.
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    Discussion Halo 4 Modding, whats the news?

    Modding is probable in Halo 4.
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    Discussion xk3y team defeats dae.bin error in 36 hours

    1. I'm saving money. I have much more spending money since I don't throw away my money on video games. 2. You're on a modding site. Go else where if you're going to whine.
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    Discussion Modern Warfare 3 Juggernaut Gameplay

    There's Juggernaut and Juggernaut Recon. Juggernaut is a 15 kill streak for assault and way better; you get a LMG and revolver. Juggernaut Recon is a 18 streak for support and sucks; you get a crap riot shield and a crap pistol. The assault Juggernaut:
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    Video  Assault 15 Kill Streak Juggernaut Gameplay It's so sick.
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    Discussion Hackers Target Microsoft Xbox 360 via EA Servers

    You forgot the part that you get console banned.
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    Discussion Copy of MW3 Stolen From EB Games Expo?

    It's legit. I'm hoping he uploads to torrent.
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    Discussion [Release][Breakthrough] JTAG XBDM Preview One Plugin

    umm, all this "private stuff" isn't really private
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    Solved I Need An Aim Bot/Mod or Reach

    mine can
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    Discussion AMD: Next Gen XBOX Will Have "Avatar-level" graphics

    It'll probably be running those AMD APU. They are beast.
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    Discussion striped torx bolts and need them out, any help?

    Try to buy some torx 8 and 10. Full of fail.
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    Discussion Call of Duty 4 Title Update on the Horizon

    I hope they added the KV ban system they have in Black Ops.
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