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  1. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Game Mods Mods working but when i play tbogt it loads forever help +like

    Aha yeah, i was paying no attention to it being patched rather than freezing lol sorry for time wasting :D
  2. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Game Mods Mods working but when i play tbogt it loads forever help +like

    On my old gta iv mods (for original) i had to sign out then load game, then sign back in on first mission.... try this? Hope it works....
  3. N00B3 M0DD3R

    [Official]Release GTA EFLC Custom v1.2

    Sorry sir, but i dont see you popping ANY releases (map mods, car spawns) the creator has done an excellent job. Thanks for reading. :rolleyes:
  4. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion  Whats the name of the burnt out police car in EFLC please

    Title says all please help :D
  5. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Solved Invisible legs tutorial please !?

    i would like this too, it looks so cool.
  6. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion  Road to heaven re-link?

    Can anybody post a link for road to heaven placements off a different website other than megaupload please :rolleyes:
  7. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Tutorial Freeze Protection... How to do? Make Fly cars?

    But to do so..... Change your cars to planes. This will stop you freezing from the people who freeze... (NOOBS) :D
  8. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Game Mods Questions About Mods.

    i can send you a handling.dat, that has a years worth of customization in it. dont ever buy mods, its far to easy to make them. PM if your interested in it and i'll give you a link mate. :rolleyes:
  9. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion can someone help me please

    haha lol :) fair enough. sorry lad... :D
  10. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion can someone help me please

    I know it sounds silly, but.... have you cleared cache? :D i still forget now lol.
  11. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion GTA IV NORMAL

    This post is just not clear, or i am being extremelly stupid :eek: and i dont think i am... To get a response, try make your post clear, and ensure that you give proper details to what you are after. Try wording it properly,using correct punctuation. then people understand what your on about :)...
  12. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Game Mods  Map mod....

    Hi guys, my mate is after a modded iso, and he said there is a map mod he would like, that is at the end of the airport and is just like a road to heaven... any links, or ideas if there is a release? many thanks.... :) Also lol this is for original... please thanks
  13. N00B3 M0DD3R

    [Official]Release GTA EFLC Custom v1.2

    Feedback: Very tacky set up (cars properties) Freeze car?! They are 'noobish' enoogh without there bing one at the airport. I dont like these one bit. Feedback over. thanks for looking.
  14. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion 1.4 Pre-Release Information...

    lol AGAIN!!!! :eek:
  15. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion just showing you what i have done so far to my first ever vehicle placement

    My opinion: bus in arena bad idea ;) how you getting that out? if its not fly :)
  16. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Game Mods Modder Island 5.0

    Cannot be combined, 2 different map moddifications, and unless you k pw how ro piss about with that stuff, you have no chance. Sorry. Hope i helped
  17. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion cant read the disc 51%

    What i used to do on my elite, was hot swap to original disk 2% before the disk is unreadable, then back to modded disk 2% after also, it was hard, and yes the risk of some mods not being installed and what not, but i did multiple disks like this when i was beggining to mod, and every single mod...
  18. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Game Mods Snow Mod and real cars on PS3!

    Look at the last time he presses the accelerator and brake. As he presses r2 his car breaks, the l2 drives^^ i think .D and unless it is lag from when the analogue is moved to when the character reacts, turning on The street looks b****t to me, this is only my opinion. Could be wrong in what i...
  19. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion Last question I got, HELP PLEASE :L Enjoy :) skip to 2.20... this is the magnet :frantics:
  20. N00B3 M0DD3R

    Discussion GTA IV Release car placements and common.(VIDEO)

    air tug <3 loving this basic and chris boys :)
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