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    Discussion Astro A40 question

    They sell a rechargeable battery for it. Also it can be powered by a usb cable if you don't have any batteries.
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    Discussion Astro A40 question

    I have the wireless version and they work perfectly. No signal loss or interruptions at all. I have used X41's and AX Pros and the A40's easily beat both. It is semi wireless. You have a TX(transmitter) and a RX(receiver). The transmitter sits next to the 360 and gets the optical cable plugged...
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    Discussion Opening Slim without voiding Warranty

    If i remember correctly these stickers react to the heat and change color.
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    Discussion Can you unban a retail zephyr?

    There aren't many out there that can be unbanned. I know they accept both type 1 and 2 but not sure which one they came with. Not on a retail.
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    Discussion Can you unban a retail zephyr?

    You can only unban Xenons and very early zephyrs. All other motherboards have checks to make sure it is using its original KV.
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    Discussion Why do we need a middleman?

    1. Price will stay the same. Manufacturing and shipping is nothing to these companies. 2. Download speeds on launch days would be terrible. 3. Piracy would be the same. Those that pirate games would keep doing it even if the game was $10 cheaper. 4. I actually prefer to have a hard-copy of my...
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    Discussion Why Activition doesn't try?

    30FPS isn't bad and 60 isn't all that better. You wouldn't notice the difference unless you were playing at 60 and dropped to 30 immediately.
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    How to remove delay on cap card?

    They are not meant to be played off of.
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    Solved liteon freeze during write, now stuck on ff80

    Manually open your drive halfway and try again. Make sure you follow the tutorial for unlocking it step by step and do it in the correct order.
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    Solved Liteon

    Open the xbox and read the label on the drive.
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    Discussion Any Gov Doc Proof Jtags Are Legal?

    It doesn't only apply to games. The dashboard is protected under the DMCA so is the dvd drive firmware. Yes it is fine if you keep it to yourself. You only have the risk of getting in trouble if you distribute it. The only way for distributing to be perfectly legal is if you created a 100%...
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    Solved Is dashlaunch required to FTP/OCM?

    It is not needed for FTP. It is needed for RTH.
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    Discussion HDMI & VGA output

    You would need a splitter.
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    Hardware Mods One of the best slim mods I have seen

    No one is flaming you. You are the only one flaming.
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    Hardware Mods One of the best slim mods I have seen

    It is not a skin. It is a shell that goes around the console.
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    Discussion Any Gov Doc Proof Jtags Are Legal?

    Hopefully this clears it up. First lets start with what it says on all 360 dashboards. Both Freeboot and XBReboot contain MS code in them. Next the DMCA Removing security features such as RSA checks fall under this. Which is why it violates the DMCA. The hardware part of the JTAG hack...
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    Solved My Jtagged 360 wont play videos

    Updating to a newer dashboard wouldn't fix the problem. The optional media update is just a file downloaded from the marketplace and only works when connected to live. Would be awesome.
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    Discussion Xbox repair are lazy or getting clever?

    They will catch on sooner or later. They will start to question you when they do.
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    Solved My Jtagged 360 wont play videos

    Not that I know of. But I remember seeing some sort of media player on xbox-scene for jtags a while back.
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    Solved My Jtagged 360 wont play videos

    The optional media update only works if you are connected to live. MP4 requires the optional media update. The only one that will run without it is WMV.
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