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    Discussion Possible Level 70 mod NO JTAG!

    You are possibly the most retarded person I have seen today... Some random kid on AIM gives you an .exe file claiming it is the new 10th prestige glitch and you believe him. If you put any thought into your actions you would know that the .exe you received was a virus of some sort and not a...
  2. J


    Nice post I have tried this. It works really good for getting to high levels.
  3. J


    Does this still work after patch?
  4. J

    Patched New Castle Bounce/ On Barrier

    Someone needs to stop this guy from posting patched videos of glitches from youtube that he didn't even make.
  5. J

    Patched How to get under castle + bipod glitch

    This is really cool I want to try this.
  6. J

    Discussion  Rumor Has it....

    New achievements will be coming to halo 3 and some new skulls. This means that someone could find the location of the skulls early when the update comes. Here is the story - - New Halo 3 Achievements Leaked At PAX08
  7. J

    Solved Problem with a modded film.(they can't see the changed armor)

    Okay because I thought it was something that bungie did, like some detection thing or something.
  8. J

    Solved Problem with a modded film.(they can't see the changed armor)

    Yeah and I had another person mod the same video for me and it had the same problem.
  9. J

    Discussion Mooky's Moding

    Okay Thanks let me know when you finish. :D
  10. J

    Discussion Film Mod Request

    I know i just want to see what it looks like and see how it looks with flaming recon.
  11. J

    Discussion  Film Mod Request

    Could someone please mod this film - : Community : Forum Topic Listing : Forum Reply Listing. I want this film mod because I want to see what it looks like after you mod the film because my transfer cable is in the mail and I am anxious to mod. Armor in film- Head - Recon Left...
  12. J

    Discussion Mooky's Moding

    This topic is kinda going off topic is there anyone who can mod that clip that I posted earlier?
  13. J

    Discussion Mooky's Moding

    Is the new film in the right format?
  14. J

    Discussion Mooky's Moding

    Okay I will go fix it... Okay it is fixed.
  15. J

    Discussion Mooky's Moding

    Can you mod my film? I will go and upload mine to my fileshare I will post it when it is ready. Okay I have the film - : Community : Forum Topic Listing : Forum Reply Listing Can you mod my armor to be Recon for the head and shoulders and can you make the chest piece the flaming...
  16. J

    Discussion Question About Transfer Cable

    Okay thank you for answering my question. :)
  17. J

    Discussion  Question About Transfer Cable

    I own a Xbox 360 Elite and I was wondering if I call Microsoft's Xbox hotline and request a transfer cable will I be able to use my friends serial for the Xbox Pro. Do they check the serial if I give it to them? I need to know because I am going to call tomorrow. Thanks :biggrin:
  18. J

    Discussion HALO 3 BOOSTING IN DT

    I would like to be boosted.
  19. J

    50 for a 1 month or 3 month

    yeah that should work add me and we can work out a deal I can get you the 3 month if we do it this weekend are you going to add me or do you want me to add you
  20. J

    50 for a 1 month or 3 month

    I have a new account with very low exp and I am trying to get my 50 my rank in doubles is 43 and team slayer is a 34. My gamertag is I Fusion14 I, I want to get my 50 in doubles and whoever helps me can get a 1 month or a 3 month depending how long it takes. Oh BTW my account has like 47 exp...
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