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    Discussion World at War is ****ing Ruined

    You're on a modding site...complaining about...modding..
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    Discussion Thats it from me.

    You can be fined if your under 17, too...They're just more lenient.
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    Discussion Umm system link others

    I use xlink for BO Zombies.
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    Discussion How to Not get banned from 11th

    How can you claim to take full credit, yet you haven't even done it? For the record, my friend did this a few hours ago, and they told him that they would unban his account if it did get banned.
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    Discussion God Mode Online

    You mad, bro?
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    Discussion just want to say a few things about the possible binds getting patched on mw2..

    Whoever shark is, he's a douche. All I see now is 10 year olds thinking they're cool for spamming some stupid site and someone else's name.
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    Discussion [Release] EXTREME clean patch - 16 fully BLANK gsc's

    Sounds like you got butthurt by a "ZYON".
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    Discussion Say Bind lol

    It's really fun to do this in search: "bind DPAD_UP say ^1Welcome to my 10th prestige lobby! ^7Kill yourself for level 70
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    Discussion Someone hacked my GT!!

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    Discussion Someone hacked my GT!!

    Nope, No idea <_<
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    Discussion Someone hacked my GT!!

    The GT was xWezer, Microshits don't help. Maybe any of you can hack it
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    Discussion  Someone hacked my GT!!

    Today I tried signing in but it says incorrect password, Tried resetting it but the secret question and alternative email been changed.
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    Tutorial [Jtag]How to play an ISO directly from your hdd

    Only if you sign into live..
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    Tutorial How to get any Android app for free

    I'll check it out, thanks.
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    Discussion 7s Zombie Clan

    GT Skylar - the guy that jumps on other people and teleports at the same time to purposely kill others.
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    Tutorial [Jtag]How to play an ISO directly from your hdd

    Because I made them for another site when I was inactive here? Sorry for trying to contribute.
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    Tutorial [Jtag]How to play an ISO directly from your hdd

    I'm sure you know that all of these tutorials I'm copying and pasting are my own tutorials.
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    Discussion  Windows 7 Theme for Android

    ___________________________________ If you don't know how to install an app already, read this. You can also install this app from the BlackMarket/Applanet by searching for "Android Windows7" Download includes: ReadMe - Gives more details on the features and helps with installation...
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    Tutorial  How to get any Android app for free

    You do not need to have a rooted phone to do this. First, go to the market and download "Astro File Manager" In your settings app, go to "Applications" and allow the installation of 3rd party apps Go to demonoid/piratebay/etc and search for some apps Download any app you want, whether it's...
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    Tutorial  [Jtag]How to play an ISO directly from your hdd

    First, you will need to download jDownloader from here Second, make an account at Xbox360iso Third, make an account at MegaUpload (optional) Now. Open up jDownloader and go to Premium>Premium settings>add account, and enter in your information (It doesn't have to be premium) Next, make sure...
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