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    Tutorial How to get Host in Ranked

    That ICS guide, is that like portforwarding? When you do that and you set up a game you get host right? Then, can anybody join the game or only your friends? To get your friends to join do you have to enter their IP addresses anywhere?
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    Tutorial How to get Host in Ranked

    If you followed that youtube video on how to bridge host using ICS exactly, can you also add a second Xbox 360 console into the mix? Like, can you have two consoles in your house wirelessly linked up the same way and boost these races by yourself by using a second account on the second xbox?
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    Discussion Left 4 Dead Nothing Special, Glitch??

    You sure you did it right? I've spoken to people who got the achievement this way I think you have to go through the game with 3 people, vote to go back to the lobby at the last chapter and then invite someone in and then start the last chapter up again and not get hit, or something along those...
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    Discussion Left 4 Dead Nothing Special, Glitch??

    Aren't you supposed to be able to play the whole chapter on easy then reload the last part and do it without getting hit by special infected then get the achievement??
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    Discussion Modern Warfare 2

    Yeah I'm looking forward to this game alot too
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    Discussion Halo 4 is imminent?

    Won't get a Halo 4 until at least the next generation of consoles imo
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    Glitching Level 100

    I'd really like to get the Rank 100 achievement, could somebody please help me and let me borrow a dummy account?? I'm new to this site and I've never tried to do a glitch before, but I heard theres a way of getting level 100 if you join a split screen horde game with a profile that has lvl...
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