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    Solved How to Fix Jtag Red Rings

    If there's one thing NOT to do, it's the towel trick... Look around the forums for some RRoD repair tutorials, they're helpful and easy to follow
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    Discussion [Realese]Sticky Gold Deagle

    I don't know why you guys care that he posts a picture and gets thanks. I mean do you lose sleep at night over it?
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    Discussion sticking gold deagle to class code?

    You guys are DAMN close... You'll get it eventually :)
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    Tutorial MW2 Ultimate Multiplayer Guide By Snipdwn

    Well this is certainly comprehensive! Nice work and I'll talk to other diets about a possible sticky
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    Discussion Detailed JTAG Video Tutorial + Audio Commentary!

    You forgot part 5, assuming there is one :P And yeah, xbins should suffice as a place to download all the necessary programs
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    Discussion  Name New Xecuter Product Competition

    Source: like a fun thing to do, I might submit a name or two. You should do the same!
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    Discussion KV

    C:\Nandpro20b\nandpro.exe lpt: -r16 rawkv.bin 1 1
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    Discussion Could a moderator please accept my pending lobby

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    XP/INSTANT CHALLENGE LOBBY!!!! Read for details on how to get in! Unlock ALL your challenges in under a minute!
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    Discussion Jasper / Xenon JTAG's

    It's the newest Mobo, it has HDMi, and the odds of hardware failure are much lower than the Xenon's
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    Discussion Water Cooled JTAG 360 - UV reactive tubing and coolant

    The one I'm sending wouldn't be watercooled, and I'd want the watercooled one in return. I'd also send some extra cash along with it
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    Discussion Water Cooled JTAG 360 - UV reactive tubing and coolant

    Would you trade for a Jtagged Xenon as well as some cash on the side?
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    Solved Unbanning JTAG?

    Just use the USB method and flash360
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    Solved fastest way to overheat xbox

    Take off the heatsinks...
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    Solved Help on JTag

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    Solved My Xbox Jtag'able?

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    "Closed" Legit XP Lobby

    Re: FREE LOBBY FOR THE REST OF THIS JTAG'S LIFE! Alright, since I posted that I've gotten an UNREAL amount of feedback. SO many requests, messages, threats, prasies, etc. Sending messages to me is useless. DONATORS: I WILL get you in. PLEASE don't do disputes, I will get you in here. It is...
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    "Closed" Legit XP Lobby Lobby is closed Donations go to [email protected]
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