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    Tutorial How to Tell what Motherboard your Xbox has!

    Hmm. According to the guide, I have a Zephyr, but it has a Falcon power connector. Can that be right?
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    Discussion Mythic Mappack - 5 New Maps to Mod!

    on the bungie podcast they said that there was'nt going to be re-make of midships....there was just a map that looked a bit like it (same colour) but you know bungie, they are all smoke and mirrors lol
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    Discussion The Gears of War 2 Achievement List

    sound cool. i'm taking 2 weeks of work for gears and cod 5 coming out lol:thumbup:
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    Hardware Mods Wireless rapid fire controller

    if anyone is having trouble soldering then this website might help HOW TO SOLDER
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    Discussion Helping shade

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    Discussion Helping shade

    i'm not going to say how much it was because i dont want anyone to feel as though they're donation did'nt count as much as someone elses, every cent counts. it was'nt quite enough to get him his dev kit so keep donating lol:laughing:
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    Discussion Helping shade

    i hope my donation helped you get over the 3/4 mark lol:laughing:
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    Discussion Engineer V1

    i was'nt blaming shadow or any of the rest of them! i think that they are realy talented nice guys. i was just saying that most of the people on here (including me) dont have the patients or the mental will power to mod halo 3 (thats what i meant when i said beating they're heads against a...
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    Discussion Engineer V1

    i mean actually getting a modded map to play on your 360 without having a dev kit or a hybrid 360. if this is'nt being kept secret from the vast majority of the modding world then i sincerley appolagise.:laughing: im not jealous? im kind of glad that i did'nt sit on a computer for 6 days...
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    Discussion Engineer V1

    i agree, it seems as though most people are just beating they're heads against a wall when it comes to modding halo 3, the only people who are smart enough to mod halo 3 wont tell anyone else how to do it (and i dont realy want them to anymore)
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    Discussion Who made these?

    cool. ^_^
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    Discussion Engineer V1

    thats what i said (last resorts .map file name was zanzibar). woops! sorry...did'nt see that you had answered it already. and i was'nt trying to help anyone mod halo, i was just answering a question about a map name.......calm down:(
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    Discussion Engineer V1

    i dont know if you were aware of this but when bungie makes a map they have internal names for them i.e sanctuary's internal name was delta map, for some reason they change the name before release but the .map file is still named after the internal i imagine that last resorts...
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    Discussion Who made these?

    the ones on snowbound just look like edited screen shots, they might be legit but they look fake
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    Discussion CTF on Isolation

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    Discussion Tactic Team

    ye i might. i hate it when your in a game and its something like 49 to 48 and your crapy team mates run out and get killed! nothing makes me more mad lol. pm your gamertag and i'll add you
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    Discussion All Halo 3 Millitary Ranks (pics)

    i was having a look at the hex in the new maps and i came accross new ranks like mastercheif ect. you probably get these after some insane amount of exp. or they may never be implemented.
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    Discussion strategy , this is a strategy

    ye i had this as well, the guy only had 85 exp but his highest skill was a 47 and his skill for the playlist we were playing was 37!
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    Discussion Halo 3 Map Information

    hey guys, in the there is a main menu from an older version of the beta or the internal version of the beta (if its from the internal version you may be able to play over system link), do you think that you guys could find a way of accesing the beta through this menu to play...
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    Discussion Halo 3 Beta Code Confirms 4 Player Co-Op Over Xbox Live and System Link, + some other

    guys! no ofence but your shooting yourself in the foot by releasing this information, the more widespread this information becomes the more reluctant bungie are going to be to include it in the final game because there will be no shock value. imagine if: on the 25th of september you stick your...
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