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    Game Mods Have Modded Weapons a Comeback ??

    If you make a statement like im "Ballbag" then your going to need some evidance to back up your statement. I would also like you to back up your statement that im from lisburn.
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    Game Mods Have Modded Weapons a Comeback ??

    No Problem and i dont know if you realized but myself "Winters" aka "JSmallwood":)
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    Game Mods Have Modded Weapons a Comeback ??

    Please Please. If he had knowledge then he would use the simple search bar and that would tell him. I would like you to stop using abusive language as it doesn't make you any better than anyone else and does not offend me. Your on a public fourm so speak civalized and polite and most important...
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    Game Mods Have Modded Weapons a Comeback ??

    This message is aimed at yourself "Casino" & "Rooted". Can't you both stop slagging each other off and bringing each others ersonal life onto a online fourm. Look at each other with a mature point of view. Have a civalized conversation and talk it over. Why waste your time in life fighting over...
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    Game Mods Have Modded Weapons a Comeback ??

    Why post a useless topic like "Have modded weapons a comeback" Why post and tell people to do this and rely on other to do the work because you are lazy and useless. What i think you should do is try and get the weapons.xml bypassed yourself and then if you fail then post again and make a list...
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    Discussion How Do i Get Cars From Pc To Xbox

    Use the search bar on the website and search DONTxMESSxABOUTS map placement tutorial and it should explain how to do it.
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    GTA IV Modding Information

    Thanks Rooted. I made this ages ago on my old account as then people knew what they could edit then.
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    Game Mods Modder Island 5.0

    Use 5.0 Queens_E for Island or it might be Queens_M but i defintely think Queens_E
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    All Released ONLINE/Offline Mods

    Good luck waiting on that.
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    Game Mods All GTA IV modders/creators...

    You really do bring a tear to my eye :.( It was really no problem :closedeyes:
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    Discussion New Handling Lines.Test #1 Bouncy car/Car drive on water

    I won't say to much but i can tell you and confirm you can do this by "Scripts".
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    Game Mods GFX Modder SD V2-Car-Placement

    Car spawns can freeze yourself and people but it only happens when you have to many car spawns in one area.
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    Discussion Surfing in GTA IV

    Its just a simple image change but looks good. :thumbup1:
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    Discussion GTA V Map Leaked?

    Eaither can you Mr "Kill1uk" as you said "You lot cant get any think right" when it should of been "You lot can't get anything right".
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    [TUTORIAL] How to create God Mode after patch!

    Yes did you make the website ? and if you did then where did you make it ?
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    Discussion Question about the xbox 360 slims...

    If you mean with the console not open then NO but if you mean with the console open and doing it that way then YES.
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    [TUTORIAL] How to create God Mode after patch!

    Nice thread Duck. Just wondering were you made your GTAV website ?
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    [TUTORIAL] How to create God Mode after patch!

    Duck why don't you create a pinned thread with all your tutorial's. :cool:
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    All Released ONLINE/Offline Mods

    Kosty when you get a minute can you add my "GTA IV/EFLC Vehicle transport program" to your programs list.
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    Discussion [Official] GTA V Discussion Thread - Trailers, Articles, Rumours and More

    No i wasn't referring to your post "Flashify". Its just loads of people are posting about who the main character is.
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