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  1. Resonance

    Unsolved  PC Build for Streaming Only - under AUD $1000

    So I kinda want to get into streaming and I've learnt Macbooks and OBS and Elgato don't talk to each other very well. I'll primarily be using my PS4 for the gaming and then game capturing with Elgato and using OBS on the PC to stream it on twitch. I kinda just need something that can handle all...
  2. Resonance

    Trouble redeeming galaxy skin help!!

    Where did you download the game from? Try doing it directly from Epic rather than Samsung.
  3. Resonance

    Discussion Android

    It's out now on specific devices. ;)
  4. Resonance

    Solved Fast Way To Delete Friends

    I'm not 100% sure but maybe you can log onto your PSN account on a computer and make changes from there. I'm sure they would have some options to make changes to your profile and stuff. Try doing it on a computer and see how you go.
  5. Resonance

    Unsolved How to record 30 second clips?

    There is a way to manually start and stop recording by holding down or tapping the share button (it depends how your preferences are set up). If you know when you want to record the 30 seconds, that's the only way to record it. If the thing that you wanted to record has already happened then...
  6. Resonance

    Solved .

    Just call up playstation support and ask them. They will ask your for your relevant account details and then they will tell you the reason of your ban. If it is a mistake then you'll be able to talk to the customer support representative and figure it out.
  7. Resonance

    Solved Modded account, forgot topless mod

    Nope. Rockstar has patched it so no topless female or invisible body part outfits work anymore.
  8. Resonance

    Discussion Playstation Plus Free Monthly Games Thread

    March lineup has been updated!
  9. Resonance

    Discussion Playstation Plus Free Monthly Games Thread

    February lineup has been updated!
  10. Resonance

    Unsolved New To PlayStation

    Some basic things to know would be: Playstation Plus Subscription: You will need this to be able to play online. Primary PS4 for an account: When you set your main account as your primary, all other guest accounts will share whatever games you have purchased digitally as well as PS+...
  11. Resonance

    Comment by 'Resonance' in media 'Limited Edition Se7enSins Gamercrate Unboxing'

    This makes me want to order one for myself but I don't know. Lol.
  12. Resonance

    News  Sabotage DLC now available for pre-load

    DLC 1 'Sabotage' is now available for Pre-Load on the PS4 in NA, total size is 8.403GB For a countdown to the exact moment it's available to play in all Timezones, see the countdown below...
  13. Resonance

    News  Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Dates And More Details

    A few months ago, we had the great pleasure to announce and open registrations to our Closed Beta. Today, we are thrilled to finally reveal the dates of this new and important milestone before the release of the game on March 7th! Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta will be available...
  14. Resonance

    Discussion They Shall Not Pass DLC Details and More

    I believe it comes out for everyone in March and premium users get early access in February.
  15. Resonance

    Discussion  They Shall Not Pass DLC Details and More

    4 ALL-NEW MAPS Verdun Heights The opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun created massive forest fires in which players will fight for domination. This is an uphill battle towards the massive fortresses of Verdun. A constant grinding struggle where the artillery never stops. Where the forge...
  16. Resonance

    Solved Best way to share money with friends in GTA Online

    One of the best ways to give money to friends legitimately is by being a bodyguard and them a CEO and going on bounty hunting sprees. Every time you kill a $10,000 bounty the CEO settings will automatically give them a cut from your share and then you can give them another $10,000 by sharing...
  17. Resonance

    Discussion  Watchdogs 2 Free 3 hour Trial

    Ubisoft has released a three-hour Watch Dogs 2 trial on PlayStation 4, with the demo hitting Xbox One on January 24. The Watch Dogs 2 free trial offers up the entire open-world game to players, including multiplayer. Then, if you decide to buy, progress will carry over to the purchased version...
  18. Resonance

    News For Honor - Closed Beta Date Announcement: The Thin Red Path Trailer

    Happy to help! :geek: Also, seems like the site is having issues with embeds so the trailer isn't showing up on the thread atm.
  19. Resonance

    News  For Honor - Closed Beta Date Announcement: The Thin Red Path Trailer

    Get ready to step onto the Thin Red Path -- The For Honor Closed Beta is coming January 26. Sign-up now for a chance to play For Honor early and compete in the War of the Factions to win rewards:
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