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  1. Hitman1337

    Unsolved  CS:GO Silently crashes (help)

    So, I've reached out to steam, with no answer, and have tried countless support off of google itself and other small forms but yet still have no answer. So, recently hopped back onto PC since I haven't touched it in almost 8 months, but did play for about an hour around 3 months ago, CS:GO...
  2. Hitman1337

    Discussion What's your guys' gamerscore?

    right at 36515
  3. Hitman1337

    11.3.1 jailbreak soon

    Was just making sure it was. Thank you for your help!
  4. Hitman1337

    11.3.1 jailbreak soon

    does anyone have any info on jailbreaking 11.3?
  5. Hitman1337

    Show Off Viola Evelynn | Typography & Illustration

    Very Talented! This was honestly amazing!
  6. Hitman1337

    Discussion What windows Operating system do you use?

    7 on my graphics machine, 8.1 on my gaming machine.
  7. Hitman1337

    Xbox 360 Should I buy Undead Nightmare

    Honestly yes. Undead nightmare was a great game back when i played and the survival mode was amazing!
  8. Hitman1337


    How do i go about doing this?
  9. Hitman1337


    to bad i need money for the garage, and the LSC in my garage....
  10. Hitman1337

    Xbox One/PS4 Customization shop? Hyrdo dipping, Leds, Etc.

    Should be pretty cool more an more people with money but no time to make there Xbox stand out where they play is probably a bigger thing than people realize.
  11. Hitman1337

    Unsolved Any good 10$ or less games?

    I saw that but that's physical disc, plus shipping and I was looking for something that I could buy on Xbox but thank you!
  12. Hitman1337

    Unsolved Any good 10$ or less games?

    Maybe could cop infinite warfare while in out there sure it'll be on some back ally's
  13. Hitman1337

    Unsolved Any good 10$ or less games?

    Already have it, bought it on 360 couple years back. But I might take the street corner into consideration
  14. Hitman1337

    Unsolved Any good 10$ or less games?

    Is it still on sale?
  15. Hitman1337

    Unsolved  Any good 10$ or less games?

    just looking for some cheap but good time wasting games that'll keep me from boredom for a and hour or so.
  16. Hitman1337

    Discussion Huge List of Leftover GTs

    Just picked up piccal
  17. Hitman1337

    Best tweaks for ios 9.1?

    Yes I do would like to know some more tweaks :)
  18. Hitman1337

    Discussion Bought the game and haven't play yet! DAMMIT

    DZ is very hard under level 10, once then go in an start playing dz I've tried staying the same level for both out side an inside the DZ (currently 17 and 16
  19. Hitman1337

    Solved AgentOrigins 4 Outfits

    For everyone having an issue with the suits not showing up, this is a known issue an they said it should appear in the next couple of days
  20. Hitman1337

    Discussion One expensive achievement

    Now I wish I would've kept my code an not unlocked it
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