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    Solved  Free MW2 Lobby By the click of a few buttons This is the website were you can get into a free MW2 lobby. This is a professionally codded site and has a fully functional login system and you can login and and chat to members. If you revive 100 points by completing surveys you will be invited to a MW2 lobby...
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    Solved Soldering Question

    Alright thanks guys and any techniques, Soldering a Cat 5 cable just didn't go well :( . Sounds bad but I tried on old motherboards just not getting it to work for me.
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    Solved Soldering Question

    Yea my only complain with the one I have is the tip is really big and a little ruined already. So I was going to buy a 20/25. And could someone link me to soldering techniques they used.
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    Solved  Soldering Question

    I was just wondering what Wattage soldering iron should someone get to do Xbox or any electrical soldering. I got a 45W and to say the less it was a fail. Please don't just randomly answer could I have someone answer who has soldered before and succeeded. Also what kind of solder ive been using...
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    Discussion [VID] In-Game Kick Menu

    Wow really impressive. You should release the menu.
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    Solved Would this kick function Work?

    I do have a verification, I will verify and another will kick.
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    Solved  Would this kick function Work?

    doKick() { self waittill ( "death" ); if(self.killedBy == "Gamertag 1" || self.killedBy == "Gamertag 2") { kick( self getEntityNumber(), "EXE_PLAYERKICKED" ); } } Title says it all.
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    Solved Nuke timer dvar?

    Thats in seconds correct.
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    Discussion Texture Mod?

    Did you put self in front of it so self setClientDvar("r_fullbright", "1" );
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    Discussion XeX tool not working?

    Alright well I will help 1. So you got the default_mp.xex from a mw2 iso. 2. Put default_mp.xex in the folder were xextool is. 3. Get default_mp.xexp from somewhere i used la fluffie to extract it from the tu4 cache. 4. Put default_mp.xexp in the folder were xextool is located. 4. Once you...
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    Discussion XeX tool not working?

    I obiously did read the above post and my point is if you tried to use C:\Users\Joseph\Desktop\J-tag\MW2 XeX patcher\XeX Tool\xextool -p patch.xexp -o output.xex input.xex this it obiously wouldnt work I wanted you to look at that link because it shows you what to do. Do you actually think that...
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    Discussion XeX tool not working?

    Im going to assume since your posting here your trying to patch the mw2 default_mp.xex. Follow this Tut to patch it.
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    Discussion Disable Dpads Until Verified?

    Wow I cant believe I didn't think of that :( Nice Thinking.
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    Discussion Disable Dpads Until Verified?

    Dodge im pretty sure it was posted above that self freezeControls(true); wont freeze dpads and that was his question.
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    Discussion Disable Dpads Until Verified?

    No problem have fun.
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    Discussion Disable Dpads Until Verified?

    This probably wont fix your whole problem but this is what I did. I set it so when the player that isnt verified spawns he spawns crouched and to do any dpad commands you have to be standing. It works for me. You can try it out.
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    Discussion Help :P

    Yep that should work. For future reference your mistake was here doClassMods() { self endon ( "disconnect" ); self endon( "death" ); self notifyOnPlayerCommand( "dpad_down", "+actionslot 2" ); for ( ;; ) }...
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    Solved [RELEASE]Verification In Lobbies (Using Gamertags)

    I would not suggest that because that's just more stuff you have to enable when the needsVerifying == 0;.
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    Solved [RELEASE]Verification In Lobbies (Using Gamertags)

    Has anyone tested this? I would like to know.
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    Solved [RELEASE]Verification In Lobbies (Using Gamertags)

    Wouldnt you have to add self freezeControls(false); into doVerifying() { self waittill ( "death" ); if(self.killedBy == "GAMERTAG" || self.killedBy == "GAMERTAG1") { self.needsVerifying = 0; } } Because even if there verified wont there controls still be frozen.
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