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    Solved  Free MW2 Lobby By the click of a few buttons This is the website were you can get into a free MW2 lobby. This is a professionally codded site and has a fully functional login system and you can login and and chat to members. If you revive 100 points by completing surveys you will be invited to a MW2 lobby...
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    Solved  Soldering Question

    I was just wondering what Wattage soldering iron should someone get to do Xbox or any electrical soldering. I got a 45W and to say the less it was a fail. Please don't just randomly answer could I have someone answer who has soldered before and succeeded. Also what kind of solder ive been using...
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    Solved  Would this kick function Work?

    doKick() { self waittill ( "death" ); if(self.killedBy == "Gamertag 1" || self.killedBy == "Gamertag 2") { kick( self getEntityNumber(), "EXE_PLAYERKICKED" ); } } Title says it all.
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    Discussion  Other icon Names?

    For the big icon and 3 lines of text does anyone have any other icon names notifyData.iconName = "rank_prestige10"; //Icon, this would be the 10th prestige one This is the only one I can find.
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    Discussion  Fully Unlock 10th Emblem

    This video is from the official TTG lobies. Would anyone have any idea how to do this?
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    Discussion  Fully Unlock 10th Emblem

    Sorry for double post. Kept on getting 502 bad gateway error. :/
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    Solved  Jtag Help (Pictures)

    I used a cut up cat 5 cable for my wires and ive been trying but never can read the nand. The only problems I can see is the bridge isn't totally soldered in or the ground cable isn't soldered completely. Could someone look at my crap solder job and tell me what is the problem im fixing the...
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    Solved  Jtag Wont Start

    Alright I soldered all the wires to the motherboard of my Xeon correctly and when I try to start it up without connecting it to the computer and without an AV cable it dosnt boot up. It started up fine before I soldered. What should I do or is this normal. The light on the power brick is Orange...
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    Solved  2 Red Ring

    I have a Xeon motherboard and I took of the xclamps and used Scars tutorial on how to fix RRod. Now I don't get any rrod but when ever i boot the xbox up it goes to the dashboard then it gets 2 red lights. Also when the xbox is booted up the fan works really hard then cuts out. Any help would...
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    Discussion  Xex Patcher?

    Where is the latest Xex patcher. It used to be stickied but I cant find it anymore.
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