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    News  Picoboot- Raspberry Pi Pico GameCube Modchip

    Webhdx released his GameCube modchip replacement earlier today. Allowing people to install a raspberry pi pico to their gamecube(without the need of removing any old modchips!) as an alternative to using the infamous XenoGC chip On top of this being a replacement, there is also a new handy...
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    Tools  Twitch sysBotBase Script

    I threw this together a few months back and figured someone could either learn from it, or find a fun usecase (since this supports memory editing) this script could easily be adapted to support input from discord or even TikTok(I have a TikTok version as well if anyone would like it) if you...
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    Can anyone teach me how to boost?

    Looking to learn how to boost, and potentially improve/automate some of the process with macros if anyone is able too/willing to teach me how to in this game
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    Tutorial  How to setup Burp Suite with your Xbox one

    Download and install Burp Suite from here | Virus Scan Navigate to the proxy tap at the top of the program, followed by the options tab Select Import/Export CA Certificate Export the certificate in DER format then click the next button Export the file with the name "FiddlerRoot.cer" without...
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    Tutorial  How to get a free Developer account for installing Emulators/Homebrew to your Xbox One

    If you're in High School or College you likely have a school email address. Which most of you may already know can be used for a ton of free/discounted goodies around the internet, the Xbox One isn't much different. We can use this account to obtain a free dev account/license for use in...
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    Tutorial  How to Overclock your Xbox One

    Need help with this tutorial? Be sure to join our Discord server here (also at the bottom of this guide) where I and other members will be around to provide clarification/support Insert a USB Drive into your PC Download this zip file and extract it to the root of your USB Drive (virus scan...
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    Tutorial  How to fix unable to load library Discord-RPC in Minecraft Modpacks

    Error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Unable to load library 'discord-rpc': Native library (win32-x86-64/discord-rpc.dll) not found in resource path Disable/Remove the craft presence mod from your modpack to fix this error. Why would you need to do this? Most notably the first Stoneblock...
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    Minecraft Battle Royale - MCBattlegrounds

    Are you ready to battle it out in the ultimate Battle Royale? Well then join us over at today for the best Fortnite/PUBG minigame in Minecraft! Choose your dropzone, loot your enemies, and win to earn cosmetics to show to your friends! Want to find people to play with...
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    Discussion  Twitch Plays Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Are you ready to embrace the ultimate quaratine life, and hide from society on your very own island? Well now you can thanks to my latest iteration of the Twitch Plays Genre, in the form of Twitch Plays Animal Crossing new Horizons!
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    News  Team Xecuter Demos SXOS On Switch Light

    Look's like TX finally showed off the "proof" that everyone was looking for after TX announced that they had an exploit for the "unhackable" switch units. How do you think they are accomplishing this? So far the only details that TX has provided is that this would be a "hard mod" requiring...
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    Game Mods  Pokemon Sword & Shield Cheats for Atmosphere/SXOS

    In order to use these cheats download and extract this zip file to the root of your SD Card. (virus scan) If you would like to view the cheats before downloading them you may do so below
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    Homebrew  Example Joystick.c Bot(Switch-Fightstick) for Nintendo Switch

    For those looking to make your own Nintendo Switch bot using the BOTW Snowball Thrower bot, by bertrandom I've gone ahead and created a modified Joystick.c file with comments to assist you in making a bot of your own. For this example, I created a bot for The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ to...
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    Homebrew  How to Setup/Compile Joystick.hex on Windows for the Nintendo Switch

    A few years ago a contributor to the scene Shiny Quagsire RE'd the Pokken Controller and uploaded it's source to Github so that developers in the scene could edit the code at will and "make' their own controllers by compiling and flashing the Firmware to either a Teensy 2.0 or Arduino. Since...
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    News  Twitch Plays Pokemon Sword/Shield

    It's that time of year again! Thanks to the help of AzzidReign I was able to bring back CommunityController for a new and exciting Twitch Plays adventure. This time in the form of Pokemon Sword!
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    Tutorial  Automatically Redeem VIP Codes for Borderlands 3

    Navigate to the Borderlands website here, and login/sign up for an account. If you have not done so already, you should link your Epic/Xbox/PS account now as well. Copy all of the JS code from rockdevourer's repository here the code should both start and end with an / Once the code is copied...
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    Tutorial  Automatically Redeem Shift Codes for all Borderland Games

    A user that goes by the name of Fabbi on Github has released a bot that automatically redeems shift codes for Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and the pre-sequel. This tool can be used to redeem all available shift codes, just golden key codes, or all non-golden key codes. In order to accomplish...
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    News  Find Shiny Raquaza in Pokemon Go from July 31st - September 2nd

    How many are you guys planning on getting? Personally I'm not stopping until I find one with perfect IVs
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    Tutorial  How to install Android 8.1(LineageOS) to your Nintendo Switch

    Before following this guide. Please note that you will need to have some prior experience with both Switch Hacking, and Android in order to install this properly. As this guide will assume you already know how to enter RCM mode and push payloads, and do basic recovery mode tasks Requirements...
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    Discussion  LineageOS(Android) for Nintendo Switch

    Earlier today, the developers are known as "switchroot" have fulfilled their promise of releasing a full Android 8.1 build for the Nintendo Switch. This, of course, comes in the form of LineageOS. This release of LineageOS is based on a build that runs on the Nvidia Shield TV. By flashing the...
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    The Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code

    Looks like the wonderful workers over at the MIT Musem and Virtual AGC have gone ahead and digitized the source code for Apollo 11 This is quite cool to see imo. I never thought anything along these lines would be made public.
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