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  1. Zangetsuo

    Solved Migrate fresh account

    Oh okay thank you
  2. Zangetsuo

    Solved Migrate fresh account

    Is that because of social club or just a general thing
  3. Zangetsuo

    Discussion GTA Online: Illegitimate progress was detected on the GTA Online profile and will not be eligible for migration

    I just made my account yesterday so I'll see but as of now I cannot migrate 1656360572 I just created my account yesterday I used fm got 70 deluxeos and sold abt 8 I can still use plates and all I could not migrate so I asked rock star support they wasn't much help but I did find out I'm not...
  4. Zangetsuo

    Solved Migrate fresh account

    It works on ps4 but they told me I'm not banned or suspended so idk
  5. Zangetsuo

    Solved  Migrate fresh account

    I just made my gta account about 2 days ago I duped cars with freeze money on ps4 but I can still sell a lot if cars and use plates on them but it's telling me the account is not eligible for migration is it bc the account is fresh and I have to wait 30 days?
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