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  1. Bigbones87

    Solved  Corona rgh case temp error

    just rghed a corona v1. Everything is working as it should, and all temps are superb, except the case temp is saying it's like 237°c which is obviously false. Anyway, the only issue with it I can see this far, is the fans rev up full speed when you first kick it in, then the speed down to almost...
  2. Bigbones87

    Solved  Co op campaign save issues

    I keep trying to play co op with a buddy, but whenever we save and quit, and then reload the game at a later time, the save isnt there. It just prompts us that starting the game in coop will restart at beginning of level. What gives?
  3. Bigbones87

    Support  Gateway 3ds problem

    I have my exploitable 3ds xl, running version firmware. My gateway is on omega 2.2. I loaded 6 roms onto it. I can run and play my new super mario bros 2 rom, no problems whatsoever. Now, if I run my kingdom hearts rom or my Mario luigi dream team, or luigies haunted mansion...
  4. Bigbones87

    Unsolved  Psp 2000 keyboard issue

    Just got a psp. Don't have any games or memory card for it yet, but when I try to hook up to internet, and go to enter password, the keyboard pops up real quick, clicks a few times and then exits. Not sure what the deal is.
  5. Bigbones87

    Support  Best flash card for me?

    I just got a 3ds xl and it is on low enough firmware to use 3ds roms. I keep seeing gateway for 3ds roms, but not sure if it's the best. I am looking to get the best card for 3ds roms compatibility, ease of use because I am a noob, and the best features. Money isn't an issue. Thanks
  6. Bigbones87

    Solved  Can this be legit?

    I have a chance to buy this computer from someone, and want to know if there is anyway this can have everything he says it does, for the price he is asking. Also, is there any way to check all the things are actually there and what they are suppose to be, being I know nothing of gaming rigs...
  7. Bigbones87

    Discussion  Got a wiiU

    Finally broke down and bought a wiiU. Nintendo consoles are just fun man. Anyway, NID is bigbones87. Add me biatches.
  8. Bigbones87

    Wii noob with questions

    Hey guys, I modded my wii a good while ago using the letterbomb hack I believe or something like that. Since then, my wii has just sat here and done nothing and I haven't really messed with it much. Yesterday I wanted to mess with it, but I'd like to get it up to date on everything, and need a...
  9. Bigbones87

    Solved  help me check my PC parts

    I am going to frys electronics to look around tomorrow at some gaming pc parts and cases. Just to get an idea. I am gonna most likely buy all parts online because I am assuming it will be much cheaper. Anyhow....I was wondering what i should do for a monitor? I have a 43.5 inch plasma, but only...
  10. Bigbones87

    What do you think of rocksmith?

    Hey guys. I just did a job for a pawn shop, and the owner gave me a guitar and rocksmith as a bonus because I told him I always wanted to play guitar but never tried. I am a drummer, and always have been....but I have always wanted to at least learn a little guitar. I tried rocksmith for the...
  11. Bigbones87

    Solved  Help deciding parts for gaming PC.

    Hey guys. Absolute noob to PC gaming here. With all the talking of gaming on a PC being bees neez, I figured I look into making one. I have messed around with pc a decent amount, but when it comes to what is top notch gaming equipment and things of the like.....I am useless. Any help on deciding...
  12. Bigbones87

    Discussion  Redeemed xbox live but still unused??

    Hey guys. I got a 24 month Xbox live code with a bundle I bought. I finally got around to using it. When I used it, the console kinda lagged and locked up for some reason, and then it popped up and said there was error verifying the code and to please try again later. Well a few minutes later, I...
  13. Bigbones87

    Discussion  dissapointed in my xbone thus far. :\

    I bought the Xbox one, not on launch day....but a couple weeks before Christmas. I have really enjoyed it for the most part, aside from a few early stage issues that have since either dissapeared or been rectified in the last few updates. However, the game title issues have become a serious...
  14. Bigbones87

    Discussion  Xbox one won't shut off?

    So I just hooked up my one, and played ryse for the first time. I played it for an hour or so, and then selected to shut the console off. Well it's been like 10 minutes or so since I did this, and the fan is still going on the console? Is that normal?Nevermind....I think it is the power brick...
  15. Bigbones87

    Solved  Slim trinity won't power on

    I have a slim trinity mobo, that will beep, light up green and start fans, then immediately shut off. No red led, or anything. Just beep, green led, off. Power supply doesn't light red either. Tried 2 psu so far. Any ideas? Never opened or modded before. Thanks.
  16. Bigbones87

    Solved  Help changing language in game

    Hey guys. I recently "acquired" a copy of Doom3 BFG edition. My issue is, it seems to be in russian. Anyone know how to change the language for this, of have this game so they can guide me through changing the language, or acquiring the correct files to make this english? Thanks in advance.
  17. Bigbones87

    Unsolved  Messing with fsd skins?

    Hey guys. I'm trying to change the for fsd3. I extracted a skin with .xzp tool, and removed the stock with a different file. Then, I clicked build and selected the extracted files to make e new skin with new splash. It makes it ok and everything, but when I put...
  18. Bigbones87

    Solved  Can't get multiple dlc rar files combined

    Hey guys. I have some dlc that was split into multiple rar files. I figured I should extract one, which gives me the game folder, the 000002 folder, and the dlc content file. Then if I try to extract the rest of the dlc files into that 00002 folder, they are e same name so win rar wants to add...
  19. Bigbones87

    Solved  Rgh a falcon on newest dash

    Hey guys. I just rghed my first console. It was a jasper 512mb but it was on 13599 dash. I have a falcon, but it is on the newest dash. I have a revc sitting here and was wondering what else is needed to retrieve the CPU key and rgh this falcon on newest dash? Also, this falcon was Microsoft...
  20. Bigbones87

    Solved  Scammed by UJelly

    Hey guys. I have been putting this off for a while now for a couple of reasons. For one, he doesn't seem to be very active on here anymore, so I'm sure this won't hurt him none, and for another I have done a few deals with him and everything went good between I truely didn't want to...
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