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  1. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Loadout Presets coming to Battlelog (no ETA)

    One of the battlelog developer, usernamed DarkLord7854, posted a sneek preview on reddit of a feature that allows loadout to be available in battlelog. This will allow you to setup custom customizations for your items and save them as a preset. This can be useful on many ways. Per example...
  2. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm Multiplayer Trailer

    Here they show a brand new multiplayer map called Paracel Storm! What is Paracel Storm? It's mainly naval combat but still includes the other vehicles such as air air vehicles. Oh, did I also tell you that dynamic weather happens too? That is right. When it gets stormy and harsh, the waves move...
  3. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Battlelog 2.0 Feature Video

    Dice presents some details for Battlelog 2.0 and their features for upcoming Battlefield 4! It's basicaly about how you can interact your smartphone or tablet into the console/PC. Features shown by the video: You can use your mobile device as a minimap. You can use it also to set attack points...
  4. MrHoezey

    Solved  Some weird word replacing error..

    I don't know, I was talking somewhere in the announcements and I tried to put a word, but when posted, it says something else. I don't know if it's an error or it's messing with me.. Per example: Tripping. Trippin' Here's What I meant and changes.. I think quoting me, you will see the...
  5. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Battlefield 4 Pre-ordering details.

    Feel free to see the 17 minutes of Gameplay of Battlefield 4 here! Information about battlefield 4 being for future consoles has not been confirmed. They are selling a Battlefield 4 normal version and a Digital Deluxe version. The Xbox360 and PS3 will only be able to pre-order the normal...
  6. MrHoezey

    Details on snapshot 13w01a: Big Step for MC?

    - Update Minecraft for the PC will be up to 1.5. In my opinion, it will be a big update and adds a bunch of new contraptions, ores, and blocks. Minecraft Snapshot 13w01a: Redstones circuits are more consistent and pistons should be more stable. Added the Redstone Comparator block. -This...
  7. MrHoezey

    Discussion  BF3- End Game Exclusive Video

    *Take note this is not a trailer, this is an exclusive video.* The video below is an exclusive video from Battlefield of the following and last expansion release: End Game. What the exclusive video shows: The video is mainly on showing one of the brand-new vehicles implemented: The dirt...
  8. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Nuketown Zombies available for Season DLC Holders.

    That's right :) If you bought the Season pass for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, You get your hands on Nuketown Zombies. Luckily, If you have an xbox 360 with the season pass, you get it today. Here is the trailer video for the Nuketown Zombie map:
  9. MrHoezey

    Discussion  BF3- Crossbow Bolts Gameplay Trailer

    We all should know about Aftermath and that it includes the Crossbow, but what type of arrows does the crossbow have? Here is your answer. ______________________________________________________________________________ The story of the crossbow: --Made from the lost soldiers of the battlefield...
  10. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Battlefield 3- Aftermath Gameplay

    5:54- Crossbow as a secondary? Talks about and includes: Scavenger Mode Crossbow [with different scopes] + gameplay Monuments, structures, and parts of buildings that can be destroyed to kill teammates. (2:33) Includes earthquake during gameplay. (It will shake your screen and be difficult to...
  11. MrHoezey

    Discussion  BF3- Aftermath Premier Trailer

    note: 1:48, crossbow shooting. Get ready for taking an arrow to the knee. Aftermath includes: A new game mode: Scavenger mode. All-new crossbow Urban warfare New achievements New assignments New vehicles post-earthquake environments All in 4 maps. When does this come out? PlayStation 3...
  12. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Additional Information about Minecraft for Xbox360

    This will be a while for them to be able to give most of the features, so don't expect it anytime soon. I'm going to take notes that I felt that was important of the source that I got. It was tweeted and read it over. Source They are planning to do external servers (as a resemblance as how...
  13. MrHoezey

    What are your favorite mods for Minecraft?

    I just felt like making a thread like this for minecraft :p I love mods. For me, so far my favorite mods are all from the Tekkit mod pack. What are yours?
  14. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Double Weapon XP (Starting Aug 17)

    Update: Dat qandice sent another tweet You have all the rest of the week to get things gold.
  15. MrHoezey

    Discussion  New survival mode coming out: Chaos mode

    On Infinity Ward's twitter, it says that they are soon releasing a new game mode in survival. It's called Chaos Mode. It will come out on August 9th. Premium will have it first. Details from articles says in detail: Fore more details about chaos mode, check This Article. Picture on...
  16. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Double XP tommorow.

    They need to make a double weapon xp soon though, Im already 20th. :p
  17. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Maybe ak-74u might come to multiplayer

    There is a possibility the ak-74u might come back to multiplayer after all. Guess we'll find out in a couple weeks. :p hope so though, I love the ak74u on special ops And yeah, I like to show pic tweets on se7ensins.
  18. MrHoezey

    Discussion  IW are not making Shipment nor rust for Mw3.

    So to anyone thinking of rust coming for faceoff, They are not thinking of planning so.
  19. MrHoezey

    Discussion  Mw3 updating playlist tonight

    They are finally adding SnD to face off (only 2v2 and 3v3) They are going to update the maps for AoN/ OIC in FFA Gunplay and switching HC HQ for HC CTF. even tho i liked HC HQ :( No updates for infected guns though..
  20. MrHoezey

    Discussion  They should add face-off maps to other gamemodes..

    In my opinion, I'm not liking the idea of giving us 2 maps for free and paying for the rest of the face-off maps and just be able to play Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed. The maps is too small for other game modes but it still will seem fun to do. I would like infected but then again 18...
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