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  1. HYX

    Tools  MSP Spoofing Tool [17599]

    Just a simple tool to spoof your MSP on your RGH. If you have any issues with the tool feel free to let me know. Download Virus Scan
  2. HYX

    Tools  Console Options [Revamp]

    I have gone and remade my console options tool from years back with new features and common buttons that everyone can use. Even if you are trying to set up a RGH for the first time I have links to most of the items you will need in the tool itself. Example: if you need to find the RGH 3 guide...
  3. HYX

    Tutorial  How to give yourself and others max rank and all unlocks! [STEAM]

    So as a basis to this you will need a PC, a .dll mod menu, and a injector for the .dll file. I recommend ProcessHacker as it is simple enough and is what I will be using for this tutorial. Keep in mind that ProcessHacker is a .dll injection tool which will result in a high VirusTotal score [if...
  4. HYX

    C/C++  The most valuable .exe for 7S

    Today I bring to you the best .exe for Se7enSins Download VirusTotal Reasons why it is the best: It took me 5 minutes to make. You can support 7S just by clicking an image! I really want the programmer award and there is nothing more useful than this. Clint Eastwood would even approve of...
  5. HYX

    PC Freebies  Tell Me Why [100% off]

    Tell Me Why [100% off] on Steam.
  6. HYX

    MW2 Steam and Last Gen Modded Lobbies *frozen class fix also!*

    HYX MW2 class fix {OPEN} My Xbox GT is: HYX Helps Rules for entering: Be respectful. Post your GT below and also add me so I know who you are from the post. Be patient as I am not sure how many users will inquire at once. Do not spam. Leave your Gamertag as a reply and I will send you an...
  7. HYX

    Tutorial  How to Jailbreak a Nintendo Switch

    You will need a few things before starting this tutorial as listed below: A laptop or PC USB C cable RCM Jig or paperclip A pre-patch Switch If you are needing to check if your Switch has been patched use this site here: Starting off with needing a laptop or PC...
  8. HYX

    Jailbreak Tutorial  iOS 12 Developer Jailbreak Achieved (no root as of yet)

    All information is my personal knowledge of what is possible with experience and what I have used the past few days. Read the disclaimer if you do not know what a developer jailbreak is PLEASE... Prerequisite files needed: GeoFilza, Cydia Impactor, Tweak Patcher, iFunBox, deb file of the...
  9. HYX

    Working  Specialist Weapon Variant Glitch

    Prerequisites: MX9 Patriot variant with one camo unlocked on your MX9 A friend to help you This glitch is fairly easy with very few steps to actually get your variant of choosing. You need to go to Custom Class 1 or whichever you would like to equip the gun that you want the variant of. So...
  10. HYX

    News  New Black Market added into the game today.

    So the Black Market has been added with a total of 200 levels/tiers. I have been playing and have yet to move up so I am curious on how you guys are leveling up in this system.
  11. HYX

    Unsolved  Looking for extinction teeth and prestige tool

    I have been looking for a tool that has working prestige options on PS3 because I paid for one and it works but he has downtime on his tool all the time and is a ****....
  12. HYX

    Solved  Looking for a keyboard automator like listed here...

    Ok so Project XDK has this and a free tool another user provided me with but I can't find one updated for 17526. This is what it looks like and if anyone can help me find or point me in the right direction that would be useful!
  13. HYX

    Discussion  PS Vita 3.68 H-encore bans?

    Ok so as stated by the title this will be a discussion on your opinions on if there should/will be ban waves on a CFW Vita system. I personally own many modified consoles and do take bans quite seriously. Sony on the other hand doesn't hand out bans quite as easily as Xbox (personal opinion). I...
  14. HYX

    Tools  Console Information [JRPC]

    This tool is intended to newcomers to modding. The tool is very basic and is not intended for modding games and spoofing MSP. You can do all of the following with my tool: Open and close DVD tray remotely. View most if not all console information. Cold boot or "reboot" remotely. Shutdown your...
  15. HYX

    Destiny Master Prestige lobbies

    Do not spam my PSN for an invite! Lobby Status: Closed PSN: xxxxxxxx If you want to join post your PSN below and message inv and I will try to get everyone master prestige that I can in a night. Once you get master prestige please back out and give others a chance to join. If you continue to...
  16. HYX

    Tutorial  How to "showcase" your weapon...

    Ok so this is how to view your weapon like on MWR. I had questions on how to do this and couldn't find it anywhere so if you are new to the game and don't know how to yet this should help you. All you have to do is hold Y on Xbox or triangle on PS4 and you will view your weapon and this is...
  17. HYX

    Show Off  Cracked Text Effect

    This was made for the Community Challenge and I used Psuedo tutorial here...
  18. HYX

    Unsolved  Looking for probation bypass

    Ok well before I get started and have people saying just use Jiggy or a normal menu it's not that. I am looking for a RTE tool that has probation bypass since I am using Destiny by Enstone. There is nothing more annoying than being stuck in a probation loop and really affects the amount of time...
  19. HYX

    Unsolved  What are some game suggestions to buy?

    I have a pretty small library of games and I have been looking for unique games that have either great multiplayer basis or storyline. If you have any please leave them below. I am honestly into anything since I play FPS, strategy, and everything so I am open to anything. Thank you in advance...
  20. HYX

    C/C++  Needing help with VS devenv.exe

    I have been having a issue with Visual Studio and it is getting quite annoying I have tried on two different PCs but for some reason I keep getting this error here... For some reason this is only happening when I have added ps3tmapi.dll and ps3lib.dll when they are removed as a resource I am...
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