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    Tools  Deadpool - GPD Editor

    Deadpool - GPD Editor v1.0.1.0 How to use: 1. Run Horizon, open your gamer profile in its Package Manager and extract the Deadpool GPD (415608EC). 2. Run my editor, edit what you want and click File -> Save. 3. Replace the Deadpool GPD in your gamer profile with the modded one. 4. Have fun...
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    Tools  Terraria World Converter ( XBox360 -> PC )

    Terraria World Converter v1.0.0.0 How to use: 1.) Select the conversion you want (PC -> XBox 360) or (XBox 360 -> PC). 2.) Select the world you want to convert. 3.) Select the destination folder, where the converted map will be saved. 4.) Click the button to convert. If you convert PC ->...
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    Tutorial  Borderlands 2 - Profile Editor

    Borderlands 2 - Profile Editor v1.0.1.0 How to use: 1.) Run my editor and open your profile.bin. 2.) Edit what you want and click save. DOWNLOAD Have fun :wink:
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    Discussion  Gears of War 3 - Player Data Editor

    Gears of War 3 - Player Data Editor v2.1.4.0 Pictures: How to use: 1. Extract your "Player Data" and "Gamer Profile" from your XBox 360 Device. 2. Run the editor, open the "Player Data" and then your "Gamer Profile". 3. Change what you want, click save and close the...
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