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    Custom boosting Lobby Glitch

    Could anybody host a custom xp lobby? I can't see to get it to work :/ and if you can but don't want to please tell me how to do it!
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    Unsolved  Minecraft 1.4.5 Multiplayer Duplication Glitch?

    Does anyone know a duplication glitch for Minecraft 1.4.5's muliplayer?
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    Unsolved  Anyone good at modding/making mods

    I have an idea for a mod it's a few mods combined, and I can't mod for crap so I was wondering if anybody would?
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    Patched  15 Custom Classes

    This glitch was found by myself i have no idea if it's already been found. # Must have 10 Custom Classes already or get 10 by using Token Glitch. When you have 10 Custom Classes simply do the prestige Token glitch and instead of doing Double Xp or whatever else do Custom Class and you should...
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    I've been deranked to -1 is there anyway to fix this?
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    Unsolved  Any Seeds like Skyblock for Xbox?

    Any seeds like skyblock for xbox??
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    I've been deranked to -1 is there anyway to fix this?
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    Video  Modern Warfare 3 Top 5 Trickshots #1

    Hey guys this is a video i made, the video is made up of clips sent to me, Hope you guys like it :)
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    New Clan Looking for Members

    We are a do everything clan, Boost, Ninja, Glitch and everything. And we are looking for new members Are you a premium?: Willing to participate in all clan ops?: K/D: Gamertag Favorite Game Mode: Founder xp Boost?
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    Looking for a clan.

    9.10 k/d Im 5th prestige lvl 73. Looking for a clan lvl 10 or higher. I will participate in clan ops. Feel free to ask if you wanna know anything else. Please Invite me. Thanks :) GT: DeathAngel 3233
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    anyone strafe boosting?

    is anyone strafe boosting?
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