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  1. Wiskmeir

    Question Can't boot to dashboard stuck on Xell (RGH 3.0 Trinity)

    Ok, I have fixed this issue by creating a donor nand and changing the LD value to 7 this time and everything worked besides the dvd reading games. -Solved
  2. Wiskmeir

    Question  Can't boot to dashboard stuck on Xell (RGH 3.0 Trinity)

    I did Rgh 3.0 on my trinity and it failed at first because of my soldering on the back was fualty but I did not realize this and kept trying to flash the nand I had created, and without realizing I ended up writing over my original nand + cpu key and such in J-runner. I decided to look for a...
  3. Wiskmeir

    Question Xbox 360 Trinity no power on after failed RGH3

    Exact same problem but no nand back up :(
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