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    Question  Can connect to ******** but not once loading game to play on Xbox live. Says connection lost every time

    Okay so, i have another RGH exact same plugins and even avatar update but for some reason I cannot connect once clicking to play online and says connect is lost. Nothing is different to my other RGH and even has a new KV. Any ideas? 1705237827 Title cancelled out the stealth name but it was...
  2. C

    COD4 - Black Adder Mod Menu - JTAG Infection - Free - Open - Post Legit

    GT: Jeraad
  3. C

    cod waw xbox 360 infection

    GT Jeraad,
  4. C

    W@w Infections

    Don't listen to this mug, I gave him aids
  5. C

    W@w Infections

    GT - Jeraad Just join ma sesh Go to split screen and start. join me back I infect you yay
  6. C

    W@W xKoVx V8.5 Menu Infection

    Legit - Jeraad
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