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    Discussion which maps do i need...

    Oh okay, well you really don't need Mythic Map pack 1 or Legendary. Both of those have no maps in MLG, but I don't know if that makes a difference.
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    Discussion which maps do i need...

    And the Heroic map pack obviously. It says the requirements for what map packs you need under each playlist description on Halo 3.
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    Discussion Your .Map Project

    It seems like it would be, but I don't .map mod Halo 3. The most modding I do is just playing already made .map mods for Halo 2. I was thinking about starting to .map mod H2 or H3 though. It's still a cool concept no matter how simple it is though. Especially if you can make it look good.
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    Discussion Your .Map Project

    Can't wait to see the artilery strike mod if you can get it to work. As for posting the .map, it's not allowed. Don't post it or you will get an infraction or possible ban. You are only allowed to post patches.
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    Patched [H3] Halo 3 Freeze Lobby

    Re: Halo 3 Freeze Lobby It can be done in Lone Wolves if you luckily pull host. And it shouldn't be detectible, but I haven't done it enough games in a row to know.
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    Agreed. I'll just close this. If you want this re-opened then contact me and you'll have to take off all the caps.
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    Tools Halo Tool Box Next Update Idea's

    Closed because there is no point in this thread if this guy isn't actually working on this program.
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    [H3 Legit] Twis7eD's Leveling Shop - Support Se7enSins!

    Re: Twis7eD's Leveling Shop - Support Se7enSins! Shop is temporarily closed. I can't keep up with all of this right now. If you see this Firehawk, please PM me.
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    Patched [H3] Halo 3 Un-detectible Rank Boost

    Re: Halo 3 Un-detectible Rank Boost Try the Halo 3 Matches section. I guarantee someone will bridge you and do this.
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    Working [H3] How to EXP Boost and Language Boost In Ranked Un-Detectibly in Halo 3

    Re: How to EXP Boost and Language Boost In Ranked Un-Detectibly in Halo 3 It's actually really easy to do. If you have any questions PM me. Thanks. :)
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    He basically is giving you three .ocx files that are missing in the process of installing Cain. I never knew that there were any missing files and I don't think it makes a difference having them either.
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    Discussion Deleveling in Team Snipers help?

    Guitar Hero/Rockband Guitars do not work for boosting. I've tried and could never get it to work.
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    Discussion Halo Reach weapons.

    AR sounds the same, DMR sounds badass, everything else sounds a lot better. The last one could be the needle rifle.
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    "Completed" Legit XP Lobby

    Closed to many people ruin it :( Thanks to Busby for switching hosts for me and please donate to him to support him. Please leave thanks for me and him if we help you. BUSBY's Paypal: [email protected] Donate to support him! This does not guarantee you get in, this is just a nice...
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    Solved im gonna jtag mod my xbox 360 but need some help 1st

    You can use an ethernet cable instead. You don't need an LTP cable, I believe. If you have the newest dashboard then you can't JTAG your Xbox. To see your kernal go to the dashboard and then go to your console settings and then system information and it will say.
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    Discussion Whats Your Most Anticipated Game Of 2010?

    This. Even though it probably won't be out for another 10 months at least. We still get the beta in a few months though.
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    Tutorial All the BEST Xbox Modding Tutorials!! *Updated Links 2018*

    No, because these are for original Xbox. JTAG is for 360.
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    Discussion Turboing in Throwback

    You have an equal chance of getting banned in any playlist. Don't listen to what everyone says about how if you do it in a certain playlist then you have a less likely hood of getting banned. That's BS.
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    Tutorial All the BEST Xbox Modding Tutorials!! *Updated Links 2018*

    Nice list Gamby. I can't believe no one has replied to this before. Looks good and makes things easy to find. :thumbup:
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    Discussion MLG Main Stage EPIC FAIL (MLG Orlando 2009)

    The best part was how the game ended. When Classic won, they went to shake hands with tD and tD just walked away and like shook their heads in dissapointment. I know. Such an odd tournament.
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