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    Tools ֍ DeathRGH Tools REMASTERED ֍

    Brilliant work.
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    How to Properly do a Black Ops 2 Recovery

    When I attempt to connect the Recovery tool to my jtag it gives me this error: As a matter of fact, all of the plethora tools give me the same error basically. I do have an RGH Trinity with the plugins XBDM, Stealth, JRPC2 (With RPC in the JRPC.ini) and JRPC. Any ideas? Edit: I also have...
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    Unsolved  RPC tools not working, help appreciated

    So, I've had my RGH for about a month now and I've been modding BO2 using mod menus successfully. However I can't seem to get any real time editing tools to connect to my RGH. I've tried recovery tools, multi-game tools, not even GSC studio works. I have Neighborhood and my console is the...
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    Tools XBOX360lSBEST's XRPC Tool | TU17 | All Client Stats

    Hey, was hoping I could get a little help. Every time I press "connect to your ****" it says "failed to connect, probably cause of JRPC2 lel". I've aranged the plugins exactly how you show them, and tried other variations as well. I have Neighborhood, am connected as the default console and...
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    Solved Manually installing GSC mod menus?

    Hey man just tried it out and it worked like a charm! Thank you very much for your help man I really appreciate it.
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    Solved Manually installing GSC mod menus?

    Thanks so much for your help man! I figured the answer was as simple as that, but wanted to be sure. So a _clientids.gsc is not required for a mod menu?
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    Solved Manually installing GSC mod menus?

    I can find my console with neighborhood, and it is set as default. And for the multiple .gsc files, I meant mod menus, for example, with: Maps/mp _ambientpackage.gsc _development_dvars.gsc _explosive_bolt.gsc _sticky_grenade.gsc maps/mp/gametypes _globalentities.gsc _rank.gsc _shellshock.gsc...
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    Solved Manually installing GSC mod menus?

    More things to note (if it helps) My BO2 is on TU18 and I do have the tesseract.dll
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    Solved  Manually installing GSC mod menus?

    So, long story short, no matter what I've tried, I just can't seem to get injectors like GSC Studio to work. As a matter of fact, I can't get any type of RTM tools working. I was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable method for manually installing GSC menus with multiple .gsc files, or if it's...
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    [RELEASE] Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio

    Hey, wondering if I could get some help. Every time I launch GSC studio and attempt to connect it says "Impossible to Connect" I do have a RGH 360, It is on and running BO2 in pregame I do have Neighborhood version 21256.3 (The latest I believe) launch.ini has XBDM, Stealth, RPC, JRPC2, and...
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