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    "Completed" Legit XP Lobby

    Closed to many people ruin it :( Thanks to Busby for switching hosts for me and please donate to him to support him. Please leave thanks for me and him if we help you. BUSBY's Paypal: [email protected] Donate to support him! This does not guarantee you get in, this is just a nice...
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    Solved  What Part Gets Banned?

    I'm just wondering what part of the Xbox actually gets banned when you are caught for having modified firmware? Is it just the drive or is it a different part or multiple parts? I need to know because I need to switch certain parts with my friends Xbox. If anyone knows that would be great. And...
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    [H3 Legit] Twis7eD's Leveling Shop - Support Se7enSins!

    Twis7eD's Leveling Shop - Support Se7enSins! Welcome to Se7enSins' legitimate leveling service! Currently only accepting paypal payments. For every $25 made, $5 will go back to Se7enSins. Support Se7enSins and get your level up too! I am leveling in the following playlists: Double Team...
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    Discussion  [Spoiler]Halo 3 Citadel Skull Location

    Last of the 3 skulls locations. Not my video. Sorry I didn't make this all into one post, I realized that would have been a better idea after I already made two posts.
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    Discussion  [Spoiler]Halo 3 Longshore Skull Location

    Not my video... Location of the Halo 3 Longshore Skull
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    Discussion  [Spoiler]Halo 3 Heretic Skull Location

    The location of the Heretic(Midship) Skull in Halo 3. Not my video... Lol at the description of the video:
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    Discussion  ODST Tour - Play ODST Before Release

    I know that many people have already downloaded ODST, but if you want to go and play some Firefight and meet some Bungie employees(I think) then this is your opportunity. There is a Halo 3 ODST bus going around letting people play Firefight. Here are the tour locations and times and dates...
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    Tutorial  How to Flood Maps

    How to Flood a Halo 3 Map By Dark R0gue of Programs Needed: Sandbox Step 1: In forge place 4 of the same items at the SAME HIGHT. Step 2: Open up the map in sandbox. Find the 4 items and select on of them click edit->Edit Slots Index Entry. Step 3: Swap the item to the only...
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    Hardware Mods  How to Upgrade your HDD from 20g to 120g

    I'm not sure if this still works, but you can try. Taken from NextGenupdate
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    Halo 3 Bridgers/Boosters Thread

    In an attempt to clean up the Matches sub-forum, I have decided to designate a thread specifically for people to post their Xbox Live Gamertags for other people to view. This thread will allow members to find out the times, days, and playlists that other members like to play. Please post in...
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    Discussion  This section is NOT for matchups. Discussion Only!

    Don't post any matches in this section. There is a dedicated section located almost right next to this one for finding people to play with! Do NOT post any matches in here! If you post here I will lock the thread or delete it! This section is dedicated to DISCUSSION and Discussion only. This...
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    Discussion  Gameplay From the New Halo 3 Maps!

    YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Longshore Flag Gameplay Part 1 YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Longshore Flag Gameplay Part 2 YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Citadel Rocket Gameplay HD YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Heretic Crazy King Gameplay HD YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Longshore Slayer Gameplay HD...
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    How to EXP Boost in Social After Title Update 2

    This tutorial will teach you how to EXP Boost in Social after the newest Title Update in Halo 3. We all know that if you boost the normal way in Social you will get a two week EXP ban for your first offense, but by using this tutorial you can evade that ban. Requirements Halo 3 Multiple...
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    Tutorial  Want to know how to EXP Boost in Social?

    Then if you have ever boosted in Grifball and gotten caught or not gotten caught after the newest Title Update then send me a link to your games. Not just one but all of them. I am pretty sure that I know how to EXP boost in Social, but I need more evidence to make sure. If you post your games...
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    Discussion  Halo 3: ODST Achievements

    I don't know if it is real, but I thought it was worth a post. I added multiple of the same videos just in case they get taken down, then you can watch one of the other videos. Enjoy. Here's another video just in case the first one goes down...
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    Discussion  How My Friends and I Got a Bunch of Free Games

    So, yesterday there was a big Storm and it was raining all day. The power had gone out in some places, but had eventually gone back on. We were going to get some Movies from the local video store, Family Video, pretty much Blockbuster. We went into Family Video and got the movies and like one...
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    Error on SMF

    I am getting an error on my website that runs Simple Machines Forums. I have had it installed for awhile, but I installed a mod that wasn't compatible with my version and now I am getting an error whenever I try to go to anyone's profile. I get the error Then I go to that line on that page and...
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    I'm Team Standbying!

    If anyone wants to bridge me host in Team Slayer today then send "Scarface is a g" a friend request. I'll be Team Standbying. I'll also play Team Doubles if you want. Just come join.
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    DreamWeaver/Template Question

    I got a template from a site and edited it with all the info that I want. Everything went well until now. I have header or banner at the top of the page which is a picture that I want to get rid of and replace with another picture or banner. I can't seem to find a way to do it and I need some...
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    Patched  How to Make a DLC Map Skip In Halo 3

    In this tutorial you will learn a simple way of making a Downloadable Content Map Skip in Halo 3 Matchmaking with actually having to veto it. ______________________________________________________________________ Requirements: Halo 3 An Xbox 360 Controller Xbox Live Account(gold or not depending...
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