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  1. Im Da Best

    Zombie Army Trilogy: Horde - Out of Map *Unlimited Ammo*

    Hello everyone, I found a glitch in Zombie Army Trilogy on the Horde level "Waves of Despair" With this glitch you are totally free from the map limitations, and can run just about anywhere. It's really easy to get to high rounds with this. -Unlimited Ammo -Out of the Map -Easy way to get...
  2. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Anyone here have Super Smash Bros?

    I'm surprised to see that there isn't any discussion going on here about this game. I know the Wii-U isn't exactly the best selling console, but I figured we'd have some dedicated fans here. Who's got SSB Wii-U?
  3. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Was Co-Op Legendary always this hard?

    Whaddup everyone. I was playing the Halo 2 Campaign last night with a friend of mine. We put it on Legendary and started to play. But whenever one of us died, it took us back to the last checkpoint (as if we had the Iron skull on). Was it like this for the original game? Because I can't...
  4. Im Da Best

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Clans - Rules & Guidelines

    General Rules #1.1 The general forum board rules still apply, but these rules are made for this specific forum to bring you guys the best content. #1.2 Be respectful of each other's opinions. Learn to agree to disagree, and don’t put someone down because they have a different viewpoint than...
  5. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Xbox One - Code Drop Thread

    To prevent multiple threads from flooding the forums with single download codes/access keys, it has been decided to introduce an Xbox One Code Drop Thread. It will follow similarly to the Xbox 360 Code Drop thread. Codes can be redeemed on your console, or online through the link below...
  6. Im Da Best

    Mario Kart 8 DLC Seems interesting enough. It's about damn time Nintendo starts focusing on DLC a bit. Especially combined with them already having plans for SSB DLC.
  7. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Looking for someone to play with? Read this!

    Any threads that relate to searching for someone to play with are not allowed in the Xbox One forums. Any threads violating this will be moved to the appropriate section. People who continue to ignore this will be infracted. If you would like to find someone to play with, please request it in...
  8. Im Da Best

    Solved  I need some watercooling help

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to watercool my build. The only downside is that I have a very limited knowledge on what I'll need to buy. I know how to assemble it once I get it, but I want to make sure I get all the right parts first. I'd hate to buy something that doesn't quite fit, and...
  9. Im Da Best

    Patched  Corporate Roof Glitch

    1.) Call in your Titan under or on top of the pipe 2.) Wallrun to get into your Titan 3.) Enjoy being on the roof -You can walk back to the pipe when you're on the rail. -If you leave it in Auto-Titan, it'll provide a good distraction. -Try this when the enemy team needs to evacuate on that...
  10. Im Da Best

    Patched  Training Ground Ledge Glitch

    1.) Call in your Titan 2.) Eject near the ledge 3.) Use your double jump to land on the ledge 4.) Enjoy the view -It's best to bring a weapon with good range up there. The Smart Pistol and SMG's won't be of too much use. -It gives you a great view of the hardpoints, and a majority of the map...
  11. Im Da Best

    $300.00 XFX Radeon R9 280X

    Here it is. I'm not sure how great of a deal this is. I don't keep up with the different types of video cards anymore. It's 33% off. I figured it was worth the share. I believe it's today only.
  12. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Running out of things to do?

    Are any of you X1 owners feeling like they're out of things to do on the Xbox One? That's kinda how I'm feeling about it. Most of these games get stale fast. Maybe it's just me but... Dead Rising 3-Beat it in 2 days. Not really anything to do after you're done with the story. Forza...
  13. Im Da Best


    TODAY ONLY!!! Get in on the deal here! It also comes bundled with Internet Security. Seems like a good deal to me.
  14. Im Da Best

    Discussion  My Xbox One Experience

    Ok, so I'm making this thread just to kinda talk about people's experiences with their Xbox One and how they getting them and how they're enjoying them. I'm gonna update this with my personal experiences with the Xbox One. Current status: asleep in my car waiting for midnight For those of...
  15. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Xbox One "leaked" video

    Well, apparently as the description of the video says, this was originally leaked by a Microsoft employees son. Here ya go! So...what do you think of it? If you guys want to save the video, I have a feeling this one will be taken down soon too.
  16. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Monster Spawner Creator Shop

    So here's how this works, I can give you monster spawners in your world. Not giant towers that generate them, little blocks that spawn mobs. (Y'know the spinning cages?) These are fully functional, and will give you a legitimate mob, NOT JUST PIGS. Here's what you do: list your save below, and...
  17. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Your opinion matters

    Ok so I'm thinking its time for a new laptop for myself. I really enjoy HP, and I want this laptop to last for a while. (At least 5 years) I'm thinking this one here...
  18. Im Da Best

    Video  103,684 Block Pixel Art

    I made the world largest pixel art. (Or at least I think so :p) Its the Pac-Man Game board. I mean the whole thing, not just one ghost. Have a look for yourself... There are over 103,684 blocks within the whole thing. It takes up roughly 1/6 of the map.
  19. Im Da Best


    Well I came into the threads thinking I wanted a new laptop. I read some other posts and the major suggestions were to buy a cheap laptop and spend the rest on a PC. Here's my predicament: I'm a senior and my parents are helping me fund my next computer for college. Well my current laptop is...
  20. Im Da Best

    Discussion  Title Update 9 Information

    Today 4J Studios announced via Twitter that the newest update (TU9) has been put into Microsoft's Certification Testing. They attached a link that says everything that will be in this update, you can find it here. Based on the previous time it took for Cert Testing, I'm assuming we'll have the...
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