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  1. Babais1337

    Video  Fly Away | Black Ops 2 And MW3 Sniper Montage

    Hey everyone, wasn't to sure where to post it so ill just put this in the blops 2 videos. If any moderators wanna switch it to another form its cool with me. This is a montage i put together, and tried to tie it into both games because i've been playing mw3 and black ops 2 a lot. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Babais1337

    Video  Never Grow Up 2 - Black Ops 2 Sniper Montage

    Hey everyone, this is a montage i put together, which is a sequel to a montage i made called never grow up. What i i tried to do with this montage is show that its hard to grow up because its so much fun being a kid and i don't wanna grow up Playing video games, playing call of duty, there is...
  3. Babais1337

    Video  Wake Up - Babais1337 #TEXTRC ENTRY

    Hey guys this was a entry i just put together for Text Districts Recruitment challenge. This montage was put together in two days.
  4. Babais1337

    Video  Legend - Black Ops 2 Montage

    This is a montage i put together with a emphasis on clips more than the actual editing. I'm pretty happy with the result and hope you enjoy it.
  5. Babais1337

    Video  Never Grow Up - Black Ops 2 Quickscoping Sniper Montage

    Hey guys this is my 2nd black ops 2 quickscoping montage. Hope you enjoy it, i put a lot of effort into these.
  6. Babais1337

    Video  Alone - Black Ops 2 Quickscoping Sniper Montage

    This is a video i put together, im a sniper and just got black ops 2 couple days ago and a 360. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Babais1337

    Video  Dream | Cod Ghosts Quickscoping Montage

    Hey guys back again, with another cod ghosts quickscoping montage. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Babais1337

    Video  FLY | Cod Ghosts Quickscoping Montage

    Hey everyone, this is a cod ghosts quickscoping montage i put together in a few days. Been really trying to get better at montages and telling a story with them. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
  9. Babais1337

    Video  Train - A Cod Quickscoping Montage

    Hope you guys enjoy this montage i put together, was trying to make the video match with the song.
  10. Babais1337

    Tutorial  How to make a basic Twitch overlay in Photoshop CC For beginners!

    This is a basic tutorial on how to make a simple twitch overlay in Photoshop CC. Let me know if this tutorial helps you out and if and if you have constructive criticism!
  11. Babais1337

    Video  Babais1337 2nd Ghosts Sniper Montage

    Here is my first montage messing around with Adobe Premiere Pro. What do you think?
  12. Babais1337

    Video  4th Advanced Warfare Sniper Montage

    Hey everyone, back again with another montage. The 4th one! Let me know what you think of the edits and music, does it fit? Thanks for watching!
  13. Babais1337

    Video  3rd Advanced Warfare Sniper Montage

    Back for the third time, with another sniper montage for everyone. Please let me know what you think of the montage good or bad i wanna hear it! Thanks a lot for watching
  14. Babais1337

    Tutorial  How to outline text in gimp!

    In this video i will show you a very easy way to outline your text in gimp so you can make cool outlines in your own projects! Hope you enjoy this video and it helps!
  15. Babais1337

    Video  2nd Advanced Warfare Sniper Montage

    Thanks to Swogic i have fixed the title and video thumbnail. This is my second sniper montage on advanced warfare. This is my second sniping montage i put together this weekend. I recorded it in 720p this time so that hopefully when you watch it back the quality doesn't bug you. As for the...
  16. Babais1337

    Video  Lets Play Minecraft Xbox One - Episode 1 - Kill Fil!

    Hey all, i normally don't post in the minecraft section but wanted to share a video and a start of a series of hilarious minecraft videos me and my friends are doing. Don't really have a set date to put out the videos but just wanna see what people think of them. This is the first episode...
  17. Babais1337

    Video  My First Ever Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sniper Montage

    Hey all! I put this montage together in about a week worth of clips. Mostly from this weekend and im pretty happy of how it came out. I would love to hear from everyone here at se7sensins what your opinion is of the montage and how it can be made better. Always welcome constructive criticism...
  18. Babais1337

    Brannation Podcast Episode #1 - Pax East, Gaming Live, Favorite Gaming Moments

    Hello all, this is a video of a part of a crew im in called brahnation. We are all streamers on twitch and are starting to do a podcast every sunday 7pm ET on twitch. This is the full length first episode of the podcast. Would really like to hear what your thoughts are of it. Thanks for watching!
  19. Babais1337

    Video  Too Quick - A COD: AW Gun Game Montage

    Hey everyone, this is a montage i put together with all the best clips i have from gun game over the weekend so far! Wanted to share my experince with you so far with a montage :) Let me know what you think and so happy gun game is back in rotation! Wavy
  20. Babais1337

    Video  Team Deathmatch Tactics Episode #9 " What is Strafing?"

    In this video of our Team Deathmatch Tactics series i talk about strafing and why it is important if you want to get more kills in game. I also show you a couple variations of how to strafe. Enjoy! Wavy
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