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  1. Im Da Best

    Discussion Poll: Your thoughts on the Switch

    I agree. It's definitely a larger, more reliable audience with that approach. However they're sticking with family/child/party oriented games and they seem to think it's gonna work out eventually.
  2. Im Da Best

    Discussion Poll: Your thoughts on the Switch

    Way too gimmicky of a console, in my opinion. However, I'm loyal to Nintendo and I'll go down sinking with the ship. For that reason, I'll pick one up. (I'm sure many others are in the same boat I am) However, people need to realize that Nintendo isn't competing with Sony or Microsoft...
  3. Im Da Best

    Discussion What's your guys' gamerscore?

    40676. I'm a little ashamed to have it that high. And that's after I reset it with a new account, too.
  4. Im Da Best

    Discussion have lizard squad tried attacking yet ?

    Yeah but that always happens with the PS4. *sips tea* Just kidding OP: mine was working just fine a little bit ago.
  5. Im Da Best

    Discussion LootCrate Req Pack

    Damn. That's unfortunate. I had higher hopes for it.
  6. Im Da Best

    Discussion PSA - Gamers might be dealing with DDoS attacks again this Xmas

    That's going to suck, but if I remember correctly they got it fixed pretty quick last year. It's a little annoying, but it doesn't personally bother me since my Christmas is pretty busy anyhow.
  7. Im Da Best

    Is Nintendo dying?

    I think Nintendo's upcoming console is going to decide the direction the company takes. If it's a flop, they'll likely just transition fully to handheld, since they're dominating that market. If it's a success, then it'll be business as usual.
  8. Im Da Best

    Discussion Best Xbox One Headset?

    I heard great things about the A50's. I can't say anything from experience because I've never owned them however. #TurtleBeachXO7's4Lyfe
  9. Im Da Best

    Super Smash Bros. Mod "Project M" stops development

    Ehh... I wasn't a fan of Project M anyhow. Way too fast for me, and buggy. I liked the creativity of it, but I'm not too affected by them stopping it.
  10. Im Da Best

    Solved Question about game sharing

    Nope. You cannot gameshare a game that you don't own.
  11. Im Da Best

    Santa Hat Service

    I love it, haha. Now THAT is a good idea. :rolleyes:
  12. Im Da Best

    Santa Hat Service

    Knowledge Hook a brother up! I'll be impressed if you can successfully swap out his current hat.
  13. Im Da Best

    Solved A way to get past the 1 year wait?

    This would probably work. I bet they have some way to reset it.
  14. Im Da Best

    Discussion Your favourite titles this year?

    Halo 5 is definitely my favorite. But Battlefront is nice as well. I think if I can get into Fallout and Black Ops 3, those might jump up my list.
  15. Im Da Best

    Discussion New Xbox One Backwards Compatible games will be announced monthly

    Ooh. That would be amazing. Fingers crossed.
  16. Im Da Best

    Discussion One expensive achievement

    Wow. I wish I kept mine now...
  17. Im Da Best

    Discussion Halo 5 is dying faster than I though

    Games always see a huge drop in activity after about 2-3 weeks. It's not too alarming to see that Halo 5 is experiencing it as well. Although I know it's likely going to keep going down until Christmas. If 343 can add more content in time for the Christmas spike, they'll be fine.
  18. Im Da Best

    Discussion To the few interested, the Xbox One Chatpad comes out November 3rd

    If you're typing fast on this, do you notice any latency with it? When you type normally there's like some type of a delay that prevents you from going too fast.
  19. Im Da Best

    Solved Help XB1 Games

    Halo 5 is great. Battlefront seems cool from what I've played. Fallout is alright. My recommendation is for Halo. It's a fantastic game all around.
  20. Im Da Best

    Discussion so does everyone like the new update

    Ooh. That sounds rough. Hopefully we'll get some type of fix. OP: I haven't tried the update yet, but I'm excited to download it later today.
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