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  1. Alisyion

    Solved  RGH Falcon E 71 error.

    The is the first time I've had this error in years. but i was playing on my RGH falcon, and i booted up and then it rebooted my console and then boom, i got hit with a E 71 error. I've removed all drives etc. turned off my console for an hour (not sure if this matters but eh). and i'm still...
  2. Alisyion

    Solved  JR Programmer V2 Stuck on RED LIGHT.

    My programmer is stuck on a red light. and i cant fix it. and now it keeps saying device not found.
  3. Alisyion

    Solved  Does a Corona V1 console require anything special to rgh?

    I'm rghing a slim pretty soon, i've ordered the console it has a chance of being a trinity or a corona V1 (couldn't exactly tell, since the images were quite blurred), just by looking at the images etc. I'm just curious, if it ends up being a Corona V1, does it require anything special to RGH or...
  4. Alisyion

    Solved  Any faster timing files for a RGH 2 Trinity Slim?

    i feel like my console boots really slow, takes around 4 mins - 15 mins, and i'm curios if there's any faster timing files for a trinity?
  5. Alisyion

    Solved  Is it fine to use an already programmed coolrunner on a different console?

    So yeah, may be a stupid question to ask but, im rgh'ing a phat right now, lost my jr-programmer like cable which is used to program the coolrunner. is it safe to use a coolrunner which i've already pre-programmed? xD need to know asap. thanks. extra information: the coolrunner is programmed...
  6. Alisyion

    Solved  Console PSU Light Stuck on RED :/

    Well, last month my PSU died on me, so i had to get a new one. now a month later(today) my console doesnt want to turn on at all, and my PSU is basically stuck on the red light. I've tried a lot of things, i've tried switching outlets and i've tried unplugging everything from the console and...
  7. Alisyion

    Solved  Need help a bit... [Mod Menu Development]

    I've started to learn to design and make my own GTA Mod Menus, but im not that good at positioning and sizing and im basically not good at making designs for menus. I want to learn how to position and size things properly, if any one has any tips, i would love to hear them!
  8. Alisyion

    Solved  How do i open GTA V (360) in OpenIV?

    So im working on a GTA menu for the 360 version of GTA 5 and i want to look through the 360 version of the games files to find some stuff for the menu. How do i open gta 5 on the xbox 360 in OpenIV?
  9. Alisyion

    Solved  Is it possible to make a RGH back to a retail?

    I've attempted to rgh one of my jaspers, kinda failed im planning to make it back to a retail. I've got the retail nanddump, so is it possible?
  10. Alisyion

    Solved  RGH 1.2 Coolrunner Issue!

    when i plug the powerbrick, into my console the console automatically turns on and the coolrunner flashes like mad, im not sure what the issue is.
  11. Alisyion

    Solved  Need JR-Programmer Drivers (WIN10)

    Trying to get my jr programmer drivers to work, they will not install its really annoying and i need help. this is what happens So, i start to install the drivers, i press browse my computer for driver software i locate my driver which is on my desktop in a folder called jr drivers then BOOM...
  12. Alisyion

    Any good C# Themes?

    Finished making a tool i've been working on, and it looks plain and boring. I've been looking for some really good C# themes, to make my tool look more appealing. I want a theme that is not metro-framework, that theme is so overused :P Someone please suggest me some good themes! :)
  13. Alisyion

    Discussion  Halo Reach Sinister [Alpha]

    Halo Reach Sinister About Sinister: Halo Reach sinister is a mod tool i created for all the best reach modders there is including you! this tool will allow you to have one of the best experiences when modding in reach, aimboting a bunch of players and giving yourself a recovery. Please bare in...
  14. Alisyion

    Solved  Custom XNotify not working?

    Read before reading the rest of this post! Note: I'm developing a Custom Notify ~ i need a bit of help with a few problems i'm getting I'm only asking for help from people who have done what I'm trying to achieve. its hard to explain so here's my problem... Problem: So, i' m getting a...
  15. Alisyion

    Discussion  Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer [Short Edition]

    Note: This trailer was made by my friend, do not give me credit for making any of this. Who's hyped for the game?!
  16. Alisyion

    Solved  How do Modders Get this colored UI?

    I do alot of modding on my rgh, but honestly i've never seen this in my life I really want to know how to get it.
  17. Alisyion

    Solved  Planning on Making another RGH! Need a bit of support

    So, i'm planning to make another RGH soon, and since I sold my nand-x i need a legitimate place to buy another nand-x or a j-runner. Must be the UK Though, any support will be appreciated! :thumbsup:
  18. Alisyion

    Show Off  Made a new Signature & Avatar Need You guy's opinions! :)

    Title pretty much says it all, i need you guy's opinions on my new avatar and signature! Avatar: Signature:
  19. Alisyion

    Solved  XCE Tools, any way to get find the Armour color offset?

    I'm new to using XCE Tools, I'm trying to find the offset for the Armour colors in halo reach? If anyone has done this before could you please help me. Thanks.
  20. Alisyion

    Solved  My RGH Cannot connect to xbox live

    I'm not sure what happened, but my console can't connect to xbox live. I'm not console banned or anything it just says theres a problem with my connection. Can anyone help me please :) thank you.
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