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  1. Comrade

    Discussion They need to make Xbox One RGHs

    I hope it does not happen. JTAG and RGH sh*t ruined the Xbox 360. I even use to do these mods and am saying that now.
  2. Comrade

    Discussion How Many Chicken Dinners Have You Had?

    1 in solo TPP, 6 in FPP, and I cant remember squad wise.
  3. Comrade

    Discussion Why Is This Game Popular?

    Lol I remember years ago talking about this same idea while playing CoD4 in its heyday and everyone liked the idea. I like how simple it is. No stupid loot packages like in the new CoDs or EA games. A very simple objective. No dumb player ranking up or prestige to get cooler or better stuff...
  4. Comrade

    Hardware Mods Is a 3rd party cooler a solution for cooling?

    Figure out where you can add power from the motherboard to a PC fan and install it on your 360. Ive done this in the past with consoles and it helps, isnt loud, and looks cool.
  5. Comrade

    Solved Xbox Live is down

    Never had that problem at all yesterday playing.
  6. Comrade

    Solved Xbox Live is down

    Im on my Xbox now as I type this..from my console.
  7. Comrade

    Hardware Mods Spray paints tips?

    If they didnt delete my old pinned thread on here...it could of helped you out. Sand it down, apply primer, get spray paint for plastics, let it dry and then clear coat it to protect the paint.
  8. Comrade

    Discussion Battlefield 1 Weapons And Vehicles

    I really hope they get this game correct and since its Battlefield, I expect to see usage of some more rare weapons, like this.
  9. Comrade

    Discussion Which Upcoming Games Will You Buy?

    When I get a Xbox One again I plan on getting the Battlefield 1 and the remastered CoD4.
  10. Comrade

    Question Xbox One Controller LEDs

    Yes you can but they are not as bright. Check out my tut on how I did it. http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/xbox-one-controller-led-mod-tutorial-and-disassemble-of-the-controller.1158793/
  11. Comrade

    Question Banned for API Overuse

    Good times.
  12. Comrade

    Solved help im new...

    Is it E68?
  13. Comrade

    Hardware Mods Build me a scaled down 360

    You can cut the metal shell and I have seen people cut the heatsinks in half for 360 laptops.
  14. Comrade

    Question Banned for API Overuse

    They wont even unban my i7th gt. Was playing uno and showing off my mod controller via cam to someone and got insta banned right there and then.
  15. Comrade

    Question How much could I sell this GT for?

    Get premium and sell it in that section.
  16. Comrade

    Discussion Custom Xbox One controllers

    Well, I would use what ever controller you provide me or if you like a certain limited edition controller, I can get that for you for a price.
  17. Comrade

    Solved When was the last dashboard update?

    OS version: 2.0.17502.0 DASHBOARD: 2.0.17502.0 Release date 3/29/2016 Minor bug fixes and improvements
  18. Comrade

    Discussion Custom Xbox One controllers

    Like this?
  19. Comrade

    Question Xbox One Controller LED questions...

    Make sure to read HaLoAcE post. It will explain questions 1 and 2 for you. For 3, you pretty much keep it nice and tight. Avoid having the wires go under the pads or getting caught up in something. 4, like I said in number 3, just make sure they are not in the way of something. If you're suing...
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