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  1. Speedball

    Unsolved  Upgrading to Desktop finally. Need build

    So like the title says, I'm looking to upgrade from my "gaming" laptop to a solid PC build. My current laptop has constant fps stutter and I am just looking to move on. I am not going to sugar coat it, I have no experience building PCs but am open to trying it out. From what I've heard it isn't...
  2. Speedball

    Discussion  Is this game truely worth buying?

    The last game I bought which reminded me of this was H1z1 and it was plagued with hackers/terrible game mechanics which resulted in me refusing to play the game anymore. I've seen a lot of promising reviews for this game and was looking for a few more. Is this game truely worth the hype for it...
  3. Speedball

    Discussion  Gambling sites?

    Any gambling sites around today that work well? Not gambling like CSGOJakcpot, I mean like case opening ones (such as Hellcase). Just wondering what people use these days
  4. Speedball

    Discussion  Hacking BF1 Discussion

    I'm curious to see what the community has to say about hacking in BF1. I picked up a copy of BF1 for PC a couple days ago and have already run across multiple cheaters. So I'm curious, -is it easy to hack this game? -why bother hacking a fun game such as BF1 when you will have to pay $40 each...
  5. Speedball

    Discussion  Gaming Laptop Roughly $1500?

    Looking to invest in a new "college" laptop. Obviously I don't want to pay for some Alienware overpriced sh*t, but I'm looking for something decent to do my mobile gaming next year or school work if needed. If anyone has any suggestions please lmk.
  6. Speedball

    Reposted Jasper RGH 2.0
  7. Speedball

    eBay  Jasper RGH 2.0 Selling my Jasper RGH 2.0 for pretty cheap price. Feel free to bid if you would like Current bid as of writing this is $110
  8. Speedball

    How to view an opened snapchat?

    Is there anyway I can view a snapchat I already opened again? The snap is less than 24 hours old if that matters. And my phone isn't jail broken. Is there a way to recover the snap I received again? Thanks
  9. Speedball

    How to see how many texts shared between 2 numbers?

    hi, does anybody know if there is a way to check how many messages me and another person have sent to eachother? Like an overall number? I am on Verizon if that helps... Just curious to see if this was possible. Thanks
  10. Speedball

    Discussion  CEVO/Faceit/ESEA

    Hey guys, so Im starting to get into using these clients instead of traditional MM and I was looking for a few pointers. so far I have tried CEVO and Faceit, and I thought CEVO sucked, however I enjoyed something about Faceit. For me, I found Faceit to be much smoother than CEVO and the skill...
  11. Speedball

    Discussion  Highest Round on The Giant?

    just curious to know what is a "good score" for this map. I'm sure this map is easy as hell with 4 players. My friend and I just 2 playered and made it to round 42 before we started messing around. So what's your highest round?
  12. Speedball

    Solved  What's your Opinion?

    I looked into some setups, and I noticed the Alienware x51 r2 machine isn't that bad for its price. Am I way off with this assumption? I know I could prob get a much better build, but I'd just like to know if the x51 r2 would be worth a buy... Lmk
  13. Speedball

    Solved  Help plez

    Budget & Currency -id like to spend roughly $1,200 on this build. Has a bit of a range there if needed but if I can save a bit of $$$ that's better :) Uses (gaming, multimedia, etc) -mostly gaming, but I'm going to sell my laptop since its on its last leg, so I'll need to everyday surf the...
  14. Speedball

    COC donation bot?

    hey guys, well I decided to join a req and leave clan so I need to be donating 24/7. 2000 per day. So does anyone have a bot that can help me? Let me know asap
  15. Speedball

    Discussion  Enhance CSGO Gameplay?

    is there any stuff I could mess with like settings or external clients, that would help me improve? I remember seeing Selena Gomez posting something that makes enemies "Pop" in color, but I'm using a laptop so I am limited to what I can use. If there is anything else let me know. Adzee Selena...
  16. Speedball

    Discussion  Dead silence is coming back!

    i have read every article so far of what bo3 will feature, and so far the only thing that absolutely caught my attention is the return of dead silence :) I can't wait for this since it was one of my favorite perks of all time...
  17. Speedball

    Solved  Update?

    So me and my friends were playing and some of us got kicked saying there was an update? Anyone else have this problem?
  18. Speedball

    Discussion  What to buy in the Heists update?

    lets have a discussion on what everyone thinks are the top buys of the new update. I am curious to see what I should buy first :P Discuss below, and keep debates under control please :)
  19. Speedball

    Solved  Best Recovery Tool out there? TU5

    Looking to compare to see what's the best recovery tool out there right now for TU5. So link me some and we will see. Thanks!
  20. Speedball

    Discussion  Don't you love M$ amazing support?

    To explain this a bit better, someone in my household (most likely my brother) changed our region to New Zealand i assume to get something early and it didn't work. So now everything on the market place is $20 more than it should be for me. So i tried to simply ask them to change my region back...
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