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    Bo3 Boosting for Challenges!

    Getting people for a boosting lobby. Leave your steam id if you are interested! Preference* 1 controller (split-screen) A mic
  2. A

    BO3 Boosting!

    Anyone want to boost sometime, only need 5 people! Requirements are a mic and a controller.
  3. A

    BO3 Boosting?

    If interested add your steam at the bottom or pm me. Requirements are a mic and a controller! we need 4 more people!
  4. A

    Battlefield Hardline Camera Coins Help

    I need help getting unlocking those coins for the mac 10, if you and a friend are interested add my PSN: ALEX42177 with a note saying you are from se7ensins. Once done I will help you if needed.
  5. A

    Crossbow challenges boost!

    All I am trying to get are 4 more double kills and 10 skeet shooters if you help me ill help you. If interested message me or leave your GT. My GT: ALEX42177
  6. A

    MDL Boosting.

    I am wanting to get enough people to boost for these challenges, Most are getting double kills or bloodthirsty. requirements are 2 Controllers a Mic don't mess around! if you would like to send message to GT: ALEX42177
  7. A

    Destiny weekly strike mission help!

    Can anyone help, its a level 22 strike mission and i cant find anyone who will. if you want to message me GT: alex42177
  8. A

    Killer Medals.

    I need help getting ultra and chain killer, if you have a second controller that'll be helpful PM: ALEX42177
  9. A

    Zombies Tranzit/Die Rise/buried Richtofen EE

    Doing easter eggs right now message: ALEX42177 if you are interested.
  10. A

    Black ops 2

    Anyone wanna play zombies and do all the easter eggs?
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