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  1. FlamingRabbit

    Giving Away Rank 50

    I already helped out 2 people getting rank 50, so I figured I'll make a post here to help out others. Post or send me your GT and I'll make your max rank 50 in Halo 3. You don't need to be online or be in a lobby. This will not give you additional EXP nor change your rank in any playlist. It's...
  2. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  The Original Xbox "Duke" Controller Is Coming Back

    According to GameSpot, It's coming back this year via a third party company. I'm excited, as I've been wanted one of these for years. This will be a nice addition to original games being backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Link to article
  3. FlamingRabbit

    Unsolved  Sign Out Guest?

    Is there any way to sign out a guest on the Xbox One without signing out of the active profile. I understand you can technically sign out guests by just signing out of the active profile, but is there any way to avoid this?
  4. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  New, More Powerful Xbox due for 2017

    Check it out, it's called the "Scorpio Xbox One." It's supposed to be, at least in some degree, more powerful than the new console Sony is releasing. It's also supposed to have support with the Oculus Rift, although that seems strange considering that was promised last year at E3, as well as the...
  5. FlamingRabbit

    Unsolved  Windows 95 running on Xbox One

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet. Anyone willing to share some information on this? It was probably made using a legitimate development license, but feel free to correct my assumption.
  6. FlamingRabbit

    Solved  Just got Star Wars Battlefront for free?

    Lock please!
  7. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  Xûr is selling Gjallarhorn

    Go get it if you haven't already!
  8. FlamingRabbit

    Duke Controller for Xbox One?

    Is there a well-known controller modder out there who would be able to make a Duke controller into a working Xbox One controller? If not, is there a controller modder who would be able to create an Xbox One controller with the same design? I know 343i made about six specially designed Duke...
  9. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  Halo 5 and Halo Online Will Have Microtransactions

    That's right. Halo 5's new gamemode Warzone will feature microtransactions, as well as Halo: Online's competitive multiplayer. Halo: Online featuring microtrasactions is unexpected and old news, but I'm very disappointed that Halo 5 will feature microtrasactions. Sure, it is only for one...
  10. FlamingRabbit

    Working  Underneath Skywatch

    It's nothing special, there's nothing you can do down there other than fool your friends in a game of hide-and-go-seek, but it's still kind of cool. Enjoy.
  11. FlamingRabbit

    Earn Spartan Ops Achievements Quickly

    If you begin a Spartan Ops mission and end the game very early (when the screen is still black), you'll receive an achievement for completing the chapter and will show up on your service record as completed. This can help you complete the chapters on legendary very easily.
  12. FlamingRabbit

    LASO for Halo 3+4

    If anyone has the checkpoints for the last cutscenes of Halo 3 and 4 LASO playlists, shoot me a PM. Thank you! :smile:
  13. FlamingRabbit

    Video  My Maze

    Using Halo 3's Sandbox, I (somewhat) recreated the maze I made on the Xbox 360. Since this was done in Halo 3's forge system, it took awhile to make. Objects don't stay in place when you let go of them and there are no rotation snaps or magnets, so this was not simple to make. Image from 360
  14. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  Halo 1 Matchmaking Playlist Available Now!!

    That's right, we finally got a playlist dedicated to Halo CE in matchmaking! Now all we need are dedicated servers... Let me know how it works for you guys, I have yet to try out the playlist.
  15. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  Big Problem in H3's Sandbox

    Has anybody besides me noticed how the lighting of all of the blocks on the map is really off? The blocks also do not adapt to light changes in the way they used to. Only the edges of the blocks have the correct color.
  16. FlamingRabbit

    1. iOS
    MMS Randomly Stopped Working

    UPDATE: This morning I put it in and out of airplane again and it worked. I received the hundreds (and I'm not exaggerating) of MMS I didn't receive yesterday and I can receive new ones as well. I guess my phone just wanted to take a day off? I've been using group chat a lot recently on my...
  17. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  Want a White Xbox One?

    Pre-order the Sunset Overdrive console bundle and you'll get a white Xbox One. Found this from Major Nelson's tweet.
  18. FlamingRabbit

    Xbox 360  CastleMiner Z Promo Codes

    For awhile, my brother had a program where you could type in any gamertag and it would show all of the promo codes available. Apparently there is an algorithm the game uses to determine what the promo codes are for each gamertag (and apparently the algorithm is in the PC release, despite the...
  19. FlamingRabbit

    Discussion  A Decent Auto Rifle?

    Everybody in multiplayer uses auto rifles (and kills others in just a second or two), but the only auto rifle I have only has 21 attack. Does anybody know where to find a better one?
  20. FlamingRabbit

    Unsolved  Dev Kits

    How much do people sell dev kits for these days? Whether it's a slim, phat, demo kit, dev kit, or how much extras such as sidecars cost, I'm curious to know how much people are selling them for these days. I figured I'd post here rather than in the B/S/T section since I'm more curious than...
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