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    Discussion Lol'd

    I agree with this. Modding your gamerscore doesn't hurt anyone. Only time I understand the reset is if you mod like 200k+
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    Discussion I need a program to stream movies on my xbox

    Just download movies off of sites and put them in your videos folder. Then go to you videos on xbox and you can just watch them.
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    Looking for hunter bot

    Botting hunter = ban
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    Discussion best place to preorder ops

    I always preorder games online from walmart because they give out a $20 e-Gift card.
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    Runescape Help!!!!!!

    Submit an appeal and hope you get unbanned. And also you don't get banned for just botting for 5 minutes. Either you botted alot more then you said, or you did something else that was worthy of a ban.
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    I'd say stick with your current sig.
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    Crazy Taxi HD Dated + Price Confirmed

    This game was this s***. I'll definitely get this.
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    Discussion HD PVR or DAZZLE DVC 100?

    If you play in HD get the HDPVR. If you play in SD get the dazzle.
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    Discussion Favorite Lobby Hoster?

    Hiide's lobby >
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    Discussion Halo reach FFA boosting

    What does lessen to host mean? :D
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    Discussion Reach sucks ***.

    I think the games decent I just get tired of playing the same two maps over and over.
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    Discussion Post Who You've Met in the Beta Thread

    Covy Slayer > Spraying with ARs?
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    Discussion What button layout do you play?

    Bumper Jumper
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    Discussion Halo Reach has worse graphics than H3

    check premium section
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    Discussion Favorite Loadout?

    I rock the Airborne 24/7
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    Discussion Things that need to be nerfed/buffed?

    I think the pistol is a little overpowered. You can pretty much beat a AR close range, which shouldn't happen.
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    Discussion If your booted for betraying you are LOCKED From Beta

    LOL that has to suck. I guess I've locked 2 kids out of beta today.
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    Solved Need Gamerscore mod!

    I think you need to get some of the achievements legit in order to get recon.
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    Solved Big HDD problem plzz help

    Why would you just start deleting stuff?
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