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    Tutorial How to Install BO2 GSC Mod Menus [Installing The Tesseract] [STEP-BY-STEP] [Jtag/RGH]

    Haven't touched anything RGH related in probably like 5 years, so yeah. But if you follow the stuff I said on my previous message, you'll get it working. So it was, either use The Tesseract (what this whole thread is about) and add in the zombies folder that I linked. Or don't use The Tesseract...
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    Tutorial How to Install BO2 GSC Mod Menus [Installing The Tesseract] [STEP-BY-STEP] [Jtag/RGH]

    This can be used to fix add_stub. However, if you're trying to host online, you may encounter other trouble as well. The Tesseract unfortunately isn't quite perfect for hosting DLC zombies online. If that's what you're looking...
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    Tutorial How to Install BO2 GSC Mod Menus [Installing The Tesseract] [STEP-BY-STEP] [Jtag/RGH]

    What's the error and what's inside your raw folder?
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    Tutorial How to Install BO2 GSC Mod Menus [Installing The Tesseract] [STEP-BY-STEP] [Jtag/RGH]

    If you're getting a mod menu to load, you did it right. You crashing problem must be related to something else. Maybe you're trying to load multiple mod menus or something. Or maybe it's some plugin of yours. And there also is a full download for the whole thing, as can be seen in the OP, but...
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    Tutorial How to Install BO2 GSC Mod Menus [Installing The Tesseract] [STEP-BY-STEP] [Jtag/RGH]

    Only try to load one mod menu at once. So if you want to replace Caked Up with Jiggy, remove the _clientids.gsc file in the the gametypes folder and add in whatever gscs Jiggy comes with.
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    Unsolved How do you delete a kv off your xbox

    Your KV is actually inside your nand. The KV.bin file you place on your HDD is just something your stealth server would use instead of your actual KV. There is no removing your KV. You could replace it, but wouldn't recommend it. Why do you want to remove it?
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    Solved Jtag/rgh via usb only???

    It's not possible and has never been possible.
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    Unsolved TU24

    Wrong mod menu for that then. You were looking at an Xbox 360 mod menu. I don't think you'll find PC stuff from these forums.
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    Unsolved TU24

    Do you have a modded console? Jtag/RGH?
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    Solved Is this accurate?

    No, these numbers haven't been right in years and years. Says same for MW3 when in reality there are maybe around 10 players.
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    Unsolved I can not find match MW3 (xbox RGH)

    Game is dead, no one is playing lol. Gl getting a lobby, especially with force host.
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    Solved Need clean patch_mp.ff

    You could just use an executable that isn't patched to load these external modded files. Like the original executable.
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    Discussion MW2 TU6 Bypass - Bring GSC Back Online!

    TU9 dropped my dude.
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    Solved Bugging the life out of me.

    Youtube-dl, as always, will do the trick. You'll need e.g. ffmpeg as well though, for muxing. Example command: youtube-dl "" -f bestvideo+bestaudio
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    Unsolved RGH Question

    Quite sure the file paths will be normal (just as you described). But maybe you'd want to make sure by just letting your Xbox set up the file system. Plug in the usb, format it to Xbox (if that's even a thing anymore, not sure it is) and transfer any random small thing to it via the Xbox file...
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    Unsolved Tool that allows you to input text to text box on xbox gui?

    At the very least plug in a keyboard and use it.
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    Unsolved JRPC or JRPC2?

    Just JRPC2 will likely be fine. In some rare cases some app may only work if you have the old JRPC though. If you encouter problems with an app, maybe try adding the old version as well. And you should be able to find the JRPC.ini with a quick Google search I'd assume (assuming it indeed doesn't...
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    Unsolved How to Transfer Files from Xbox to PC using SMB in windows 10

    There really shouldn't be anything different. Sure the UI of file explorer may look at a bit different but shouldn't be a problem(?). Is there a specific part you're having trouble with?
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    Unsolved Delete Bots script for GSC Studio??

    Not sure about this one (never tried it), but found it from the _bot.gsc file. So try calling botleavegame() on the bot.
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    Discussion End of an Era for Xbox 360 - In the eyes of a day one

    Have you written about it somewhere, or are these articles best I can get?
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