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  1. Crooks


    Hey, my username on your website is also Crooks. I'd like a Warzone key if you wouldn't mind, thanks.
  2. Crooks

    Discussion Xbox One - Code Drop Thread

    Got this one, thanks bud.
  3. Crooks


    Has anything been patched with this glitch since OP posted it? I haven't played GTA in years but I have an office with modshop and the nightclub with a garage. The flicker that OP talks about in his video never seems to happen so I just guess when to go op and hit X. Nothing's worked so far lol.
  4. Crooks

    Question Is ps3 active ?

    A funnel cake is like $15 like what the f***
  5. Crooks

    Discussion Nintendo Switch Friend Code Sharing Thread

    Friend Code: SW-0866-1605-3015 Region: Canada Timezone: EST Times Available: 5pm - ??? Games: MK8 I'm going to add a few of you guys now.
  6. Crooks

    Support Is the Switch worth the money?

    Try 13% in Ontario on top of the $399.99 price tag, making the grand total ~$451. Oh well, at least we have free healthcare right.
  7. Crooks

    Support What games are you looking forward too?

    All I wish for is a new SSB.
  8. Crooks

    Support Is the Switch worth the money?

    I think he meant that Zelda is the only noteworthy game that appeals to most people purchasing the Switch, even though there are quite a few other games out. Since I'm in Canada, the Nintendo Switch is hella expensive ($451 after taxes for the console alone) so it would cost me a ton of money...
  9. Crooks

    Question  LAN Party Help

    I'm planning on running a little LAN with my friends, but I'm not sure if I am going about this right. Basically, we'll have 8 PS4's all connected to my router + switch but with no active internet connection, and that should work right? I've read online that having multiple PS4's all connected...
  10. Crooks

    Discussion Nintendo Switch Pre order thread

    s***s way too expensive in Canada at launch. $399.99 + tax is $450 for the console alone. Then I gotta add on a game to use the damn thing since they couldn't even pack in the pathetic joke of a game that is 1 2 Switch (lol nobody is going to buy that for $60) so that's another $90 after tax...
  11. Crooks

    News Nintendo NX Announcement Coming 10am EST Tomorrow!!!

    It looks so beautiful, pre-order incoming.
  12. Crooks

    News  Nintendo NX Announcement Coming 10am EST Tomorrow!!!

    All aboard the hype train boys! Sega Red
  13. Crooks

    Solved Red Fuzz when playing games?

    I used to get fuzz like that when my HDMI cable wasn't all the way in.
  14. Crooks

    Discussion I need a mentor.

    Just practice your aim and spray pattern, you'll notice a considerable difference from just that.
  15. Crooks

    Discussion CS:GO - A Beginners Guide

    Like a week, on and off.
  16. Crooks

    Discussion Overwatch

    Lol enjoy it while you can, because eventually you're not going to care about doing reports at all.
  17. Crooks

    Discussion Overwatch

    You get added into it automatically. Basically you need a certain amount of wins and a certain rank, I think it was something like 150 wins and GNM.
  18. Crooks

    Discussion Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Code Request [LIMITED TIME!!]

    I know you're closed right now, but I'm just gonna post in case I forget tomorrow. Why You Want One: My brother keeps b****ing at me telling me to get him one, guess he really likes CoD :kappa: Your Opinion on it: I don't know, might play the CoD 4 remaster but I don't see myself playing IW...
  19. Crooks

    Hosting money drop

    Approved! Note that you are not allowed to charge or offer recoveries through this thread or otherwise. Remember to report your thread to be opened or closed at the start or end of hosting, respectively. Thank you for hosting for free here on 7s.
  20. Crooks

    Discussion Nintendo NX Discussion

    I knew I wasn't the only one who checked that sub compulsively, lol. Anywho, I've got some money saved up for it, now we wait for the reveal :eyes:.
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