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  1. M

    Working GCTF Back 2 Back New Gen Workaround

    It doesnt work, you need new method to get faggio out the titan of job, either way it just doesnt let you in, with title on top left corner that says "it cannot be storage"
  2. M

    Working How to skip short delay cooldown from purchase vehicle in Car Meet

    Is it faster than just wait 2 min cooldown?
  3. M

    Patched NEW car duplication glitch

  4. M

    Patched NEW car duplication glitch

    There you go
  5. M

    Patched NEW car duplication glitch

    I dunno, this how it works, i discovered that if your friend keep staying in his own bunker, you can request bike from mc club and your vehicle that you leave in the bunker don't disappear (i watched on the map, it showed in docks)
  6. M

    Patched NEW car duplication glitch

  7. M

    Patched NEW car duplication glitch

    No, he should stay in his own bunker while you doing the steps, if not and he will exit his bunker your car in your bunker just disappears
  8. M

    Patched  NEW car duplication glitch

    Hello ? i found a new duplication gltich with friend Requirements 1. Friend with bunker 2. Bunker 3. Arena with issi 4. MOC with vehicle storage 5. Clubhouse and any bike Steps: 1. Say your friend to come in his bunker 2. Hop your car and drive into your bunker 3. Leave your car in your...
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