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  1. Crooks

    Discussion I need a mentor.

    Just practice your aim and spray pattern, you'll notice a considerable difference from just that.
  2. Crooks

    Discussion CS:GO - A Beginners Guide

    Like a week, on and off.
  3. Crooks

    Discussion Overwatch

    Lol enjoy it while you can, because eventually you're not going to care about doing reports at all.
  4. Crooks

    Discussion Overwatch

    You get added into it automatically. Basically you need a certain amount of wins and a certain rank, I think it was something like 150 wins and GNM.
  5. Crooks

    Discussion Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Code Request [LIMITED TIME!!]

    I know you're closed right now, but I'm just gonna post in case I forget tomorrow. Why You Want One: My brother keeps b****ing at me telling me to get him one, guess he really likes CoD :kappa: Your Opinion on it: I don't know, might play the CoD 4 remaster but I don't see myself playing IW...
  6. Crooks

    Discussion What rank are you?

    I did the same thing but I started with LoL. I'm currently unranked since I haven't played MM in so long, probably a GN3 or so.
  7. Crooks

    Discussion CS:GO Comp ban

    Play some community servers until then, I'm pretty sure those are still accessible during a cooldown.
  8. Crooks

    Discussion CS:GO Comp ban

    No way around the ban, just wait for it to expire.
  9. Crooks

    Discussion BO2 Meets CS:GO?

    Basically all that lol. I really doubt Valve would want a CoD map in their game, the map layouts and design schemes are so off from what Valve usually aim for.
  10. Crooks

    Discussion What is your best csgo skin/knife?

    Any pics?
  11. Crooks

    Discussion Best heros thread

    I play a lot of Soldier, but my McRee isn't bad.
  12. Crooks

    News  s1mple joins Natus Vincere!!!!!

    Source In other news, RIP Zeus.
  13. Crooks

    Discussion just got scammed by a trusted seller

    Seller wasn't on Se7enSins, he was on MPGH.
  14. Crooks

    News Pokemon Go Is Now Available In Canada

    I've had it on Android for a while now, apk's and stuff. Nice that it finally got a legit release though.
  15. Crooks

    Discussion Is Lol worth it?

    Well it's free, so you might as well give it a shot.
  16. Crooks

    Discussion Cologne 2016 Major Discussion

    Liquid > SK
  17. Crooks

    Discussion Cologne 2016 Major Discussion

    RIP FNATIC LIQUID TAKING IT ALL NA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  18. Crooks

    Discussion Who would be interested in a Se7enSins CS:GO Tournament?

    http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/se7ensins-cs-go-tournament.1534892/ we made it boys
  19. Crooks

    Discussion CSGO Gambling Fiasco

    The memes are real.
  20. Crooks

    Discussion 2016 ESL Pick 'Em Challenge / Path To Gold

    Interesting day indeed, your picks are actually pretty accurate lol.
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